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Jools & I went to a forum at the The State Library earlier this week. The topic was “Distributing Sound: Evolving Technologies and Music Publishing”, sounds cool huh?

It was.

The speakers included Abby Dobson -ex-Leonardo’s Bride, David Vodicka -Media Arts Lawyers, Director of Rubber Records and Chairman Australian Independent Records Association (and well worth listening to), Craig Kamber -Lab 3000 (he was the organiser), Bruce Milne – Infidelity Records, Au-go-go Records, co-owner, the Tote Collingwood and Phil Wales from 3RRR radio.

They were discussing how technologies, like online performance, digital web distribution, audio and video streaming and even the humble CD has opened up tons of new opportunities for self publication and promotion as well creating whole new ways of getting ripped off. It was an fascinating couple of hours and I learnt one important fact. everyone is basically equally clueless in how all this stuff actually works.

So on with the silliness…

Actually this isn’t silly, I know that the Catholic Church is sitting on squillions, but somehow I cant see the current bosses reaching in to their wallet to save the incredibly strange Renaissance painting inside the Church of San Pietro located in Montalcino, Italy. It was painted by the artist Bonaventura Salimbeni (1567-1613), the artwork, titled “Glorification of the Eucharist,” looks like the cover of a science fiction novel. Indeed, it’s been nicknamed “Sputnik” based on the globe’s similarity to a satellite. The church is in dire need of restoration and an international campaign is underway to raise funds to save it, and the painting inside. The organizers printed 1000 posters of the painting and are selling them. If you have a lazy US$270 you can buy one, with the proceeds going to the restoration funds

Here you go, a very, very addictive game. It’s called Bubble Shooter and your job is to shoot bubbles with the weapon of choice. more bubbles. Pop!!! Needless to say I am pathetic at it.

This is cute, Built half a mile from the Pont du Gard — a section of ancient Roman bridge classed as a UN World Heritage site — Shigeru Ban (he’s a Japanese architect) built a cardboard-tube structure is strong enough to carry 20 people at a time. It arches over the Gardon River to a sandy islet mid-river, it opens to the public for six weeks starting on Monday, before it is dismantled for the rainy season… What it isn’t waterproof? The Romans did way better than that. Now your next question is probably “Why would he do this”?
Because he can

Dry Fire is a Flash shooting game, where you have a gun (kind of hard to have a shootem up without one), and you try to kill everyone. You get attacked by men on the ground, as well as having bombs dropped from the sky. The early levels are fairly easy, but it’s lot tougher as the baddies start dropping stuff from the sky as well. A fun way to blast your way through a Monday.

This is scary. really, really, really scary.
If you have ever tried to find parking at the Richmond Ikea store you probably associate the Swedish furniture giant with screaming kids, traffic jams in the parking lot and an occasional riot when the new catalogue shows up (how come they never print enough ), it seems Norwegians see a trip to Ikea as the ultimate tourist attraction.

The Oslo Ikea is opening up a no-charge hostel for shoppers who want to keep on shopping the next morning. It includes a bridal suite, and a luxury suite with breakfast in bed. Many Norwegians visit Ikea on holidays, treating it like a flat-pack theme-park. Guests also get to keep their sheets, and complimentary slippers, bathrobes, dinner and breakfast.

“There will be the regular dormitory with lots of beds stacked up together. We will also have a bridal suite, with a round bed and a hanging chandelier, and the luxury suite, where customers can enjoy breakfast in bed,” he said. Family rooms will also be available for parents and children to join into the Ikea fun. None of the guests will be charged for their stay. ”
I am not making this up.

BLAME: Phillip and/or Keith sent this out.

“Philip saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you
should see it.
** Message **
How sublimely bonkers (and terribly British) is this? Make way crop-circles!
** Seagull becomes crisp shoplifter **
A seagull turns shoplifter by wandering into a newsagents and helping itself to packets of crisps.

And then there’s this (isn’t synchronicity wonderful)

Think Tim Burton meets Steampunk. that’s sort of the feel I get from Stephane Halleux’s works. His objects just make you want to pick them up and turn them every which way,and truth be told drop them in your pocket and take them home. Tiny cars, left of centre characters, mechanised chairs and odd engines. As usual it sets the old imagination off racing. Let me know what you think

Over at we had an interesting week. Jools wrote about Devandra Banheart and I was taken with “British India” and an assortment of indie bands.

Have a good week.


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