Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070108


Just a short one to keep you going until the regular service returns next week.

Jools and I have nearly finished moving (you know the whole pack stuff, find things you had been wondering where they had got to, put them in a box, never see it again… until you move again).

Hands up everyone out there who remembers the episode of Northern Exposure where Chris “flung a piano” using a trebuchet as a piece of performance art. Hmmm… just Jools and me huh?

OK here is a virtual trebuchet for you to play with. NO you don’t get to fling a piano or a cow (dont ask) but it’s great fun.

Our normal service will resume next week. If you need a fix between now and then goto the thatchspace website

As usual have a good one


{Currently listening to “a random selection of things on LASTFM”}
{Currently reading: Linux System Administration}
{Quick Status Check: We moved house… what’s your guess?}
{Crop Circle Status: Over ’til next year. not long now.. but I got a nifty book with lots of pictures for Christmas.}

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