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Well as some of you are aware Jools and I moved house over the Christmas break (assisted by some wonderful friends). There are better ways to spend a break and next year Jools and I will explore them thoroughly, but until then. we’re back and let’s get the show on the road.

Photographer Ilker Yoldas offers a 2007 calendar of images for use as your desktop wallpaper. The set of 12 1024×768 nature scenes include the days of each month at the discreetly positioned at the bottom right of the image. You can check out the images at Flickr before you download and use 7 Zip to unrar them.

I’m sure we have all seen games like Flash Element TD before and been just a tad under whelmed. Trust me though. this puppy’s a keeper. It’s of the “tower defense” school, wherein you have to protect against wave after wave of baddies by building towers. Each tower has various strengths and weaknesses against different enemies, and each wave gets progressively tougher (otherwise it would get pretty boring. On the upside, kill a baddie and you get gold, which you can use to buy more towers, and for every seventh wave you get wood, which you can spend to unlock new types of towers. At the beginning of the game you have 20 lives, and you lose one life for every enemy you let pass. On the down side? You will find this one completely addictive.

Jeff de Boer makes these amazing suits of armor for cats and mice…
“From his parents’ garage, he worked continuously on his art, developing four distinct bodies of work: armour for cats and mice, armour for executives, exoforms, and space objects including rocket lamps.”

What would “Hamlet” look like if it were performed by cats? Well youtube may have the answer. At least it makes as much sense as the versions on the ABC at the moment.

After having a ton of fun getting various service switched off and reconnected, including the mail this tickled me no end. A Welsh steelworker addressed a Christmas card to an old mate by drawing a map showing the approximate location of the town his friend had moved to and the words “SOMEWHERE HERE” and the bloody Royal Mail actually delivered the card in nine days.,,2-2007000420,00.html

Some Blame? Here is a candidate from Andie.
“from my mate Howard….just watch and be impressed

From: me
To: Recipient list suppressed:;
Subject: very clever
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 15:19:45 +1100

I was.
And this was from Roger C
” For the next MMItoP
the timer is there to see just how long you can stare at this – need I say more?
“Never make the mistake of looking for logic where there is none” – Me
have a happy one…
For all those people who want Rogers address so you can pop around and thank him personally Send parcels of small denomination notes to the new address and I will make sure you can “thank him” personally.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at is back in business as well. Sophe Lux is turning into a very popular (if somewhat brain damaging)act stroll over and have a rummage.

As usual have a good one


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