Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070122


Well let’s begin the last week of the holidays with a bunch of eye candy, flash games, and silliness.

Shall we begin?

Flash Game time. This weeks offering is called BowMaster Prelude. You are an archer with magic arrows and as you skill up you get better weapons. It sounds crappy but it’s an insidious little tme waster. A word of advice skip the intro (it’s the big red cross, top left)

Another Flash Game.
Goggles is a flight simulator that draws its imagery from Google Maps. It lets you fly a carton plane over a bunch of locations, including Mars, and the Moon. Dublin was my pick. You can control the plane with your keyboard’s arrow keys. The A and Z buttons control the speed. And you hit space bar to fire. Yep start in Washington and pick an appropriate target.
Silly as all hell

Banksy is a an artist (Jools blogged him last year) and he decided it might be better to give away desktop patterns than to have the folks stealing his work have all the fun, here’s a great collection of images for computer or as the artist says….”Prints look best when done on gloss paper using the company printer ink when everyone else is at lunch.”

Blame time..

“Many hours worth of flash things here (and I don’t mean bling). Some
really tricky maths going on.

I like Emotion Fractal. The Emotion Fractal is a recursive space
filling algorithm using English words describing the human condition.

Almost looks like something our typography tutor would make us come up with.

Jools with an evil grin ”

I blew so much time on this one.

According to Scientific American, researchers have devised a mathematical formula for calculating just how much you’ll procrastinate on that Very Important Thing you’ve been putting off doing. The equation’s factors are the desire to complete the task (U); the expectation of success (E); the value of completion (V); the immediacy of task (I) ; and the personal sensitivity to delay (D). The magic formula is U = E x V / I x D.
Head over to Scientific American and read the article. eventually?

And lastly some of the highlights from over at is back in business as well. My Favourite this week was the Plagiarists
Have a listen.

As usual have a good one


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