Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070205


Just a quick one this week. I am dealing with database conversions and paperwork.

Lets start with a great video mashup Dr Who Vs Monty Python. This had me cracked up. The video is from the Dr Who episode “Dalek” and the dialogue is from “The Holy Grail”.
You will need the sound up for this one.

And on the subject of the Doctor, there’s the TARDIS USB hub and it makes noise, every time you connect or disconnect a device, the blue light on the top of the Tardis flashes and that unmistakable de-materialisation ‘vworp, vworp’ sound starts.
You know you want one.

Now I know the drought is talking it’s toll on gardens all across Australia (except North Queensland where they are being washed away in floods), but this might help out your need for greenery (as opposed to pictures over greenery on your screensaver. They are designed to hang from your mobile phone. or not.

Flash Game Time. Today’s nightmare is called Paths 2. In this one you must guide a ball through a maze by drawing its path with a pencil. Once you’ve drawn a path, you press the space bar to set the ball in motion. Easy Peasy I hear you say. well it’s not. There are obstacles which you must move out of the way with your mouse, which as the levels progress quickly becomes a serious juggling routine and then of course you have to get the key first to open the star. All this will make sense by level three.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
Jools found Joe Frawley (not easy listening but interesting)
Bland wrote up a good piece on Marcel Borrack and I had fun with Back of the Moon
Have a listen.

Also The Brunswick Music Festival has updated their site with the “final” program.
Mad Violet anyone?

As usual have a good one


{Currently listening to Derek Trucks Band and Eric Clapton}
{Currently reading: Access Database Manuals. god it sucks }
{Quick Status Check: Going to Hell. but I got to see Clapton play Layla}
{Crop Circle Status: Not long to go now}

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