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And here we are in March already, can you believe it? March is the season of Moomba, motorsports and madness, I just discovered that Evermore ( who I no longer need on my MP3 player because their songs just keep banging around my brain) are playing ONE gig in Melbourne. at the bloody Grand Prix. So I am seriously considering buying a ticket to a motor race I don’t actually care about to see a band play. madness. Anyway on with the games.

Mark Frauneder over at BoingBoing posted a link to the free documentaries available on Google Video (there are just under 4000 of them)
The prize though is a 1978 BBC documentary of a road trip with the late Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman called “Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision”
or the 40-minute documentary about Richard Feynman called “The Pleasure of Finding Things Out”.

Makes you wonder why you turn the tele on some days.

The Lightsaber Umbrella has an illuminated stalk running up the middle, so that you glow like an eerie Jedi stalker in the rain ( now theres’s a video mashup for you Singing in the rain and the climactic fight from Starwars I . but I digress)

and then there’s “Drinks with Hats” this site is a godsend if the idea of making your own drink umbrellas appeals.

and to hold aus all until the Crop Circle season begins ( soon soon my dark pet) here is STONEHENGE – the copies. There’s seahenge and fridgehenge and carhenge (BLAME Jools)

Fridgehenge has another page here.

And in the Flash game dept. (and while we are still “blaming” Jools
I quote

This is satisfyingly addictive – troubling really.

What’s really scary is she is absolutely right. Theres a bike a crash, style points and appalling taste. you’ll love it.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
This week we had my favourite jazz band Oregon. Jools had fun with a Portugese experimental rock band and Harvey Danger gave away their latest album.
Have a listen it was a fun week

As usual have a good one


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{Crop Circle Status: STILL MISSING: One crop circle. If found please let me know}

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  1. Just love that CarHenge. Who knew the Ancients were such contributors to the degredation of the ozone layer?

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