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Oh there it goes, my ears finally popped and I have my hearing back, but fortunately my taste is still terrible {see below for confirmation of this fact}. The old thatchspace site now has it’s own domain I moved it a week or so back and if you need to find a back issue head over there and type what you are looking for into the search bar. Last week’s post now has a handful of photos of blurred cars and “that band”.
Let’s get going shall we, there’s a day out there just waiting to be wasted.

Lets do “Blame”. First up is a contribution from Anne S. The email was remarkably terse

Yep that was it, I agree it’s a bit terse as emails go, but the site is just hysterical, this may be considered “only just barely worksafe” but it’s great fun.

Next up for “Blame” is this contribution by Craig, it’s educational. (take it up with him.)
“A cool flash animated explanation of the spread of man over the last 160,000 years, with points where you can open up detailed explanations of important archaeological finds.
I found this one brilliant and what a great way to annoy your creationist friends (oh wait… we don’t have any creationist friends). The website is a pretty fine “Impediment” in it’s own right.

And both Flash games and “Blame” together. Jools’ contribution this week
I’m feeling poorly – that’s my excuse.
Love, Jools ”
The plane I designed kept trying to land behind me. this is a real time soak .

I don’t know about this one, at first I thought it was a joke. it’s a mobile phone from China built into a pack of cigarettes (complete with the ubiquitous “You’re gonna snuff it ” health warning), an MP3 player, dual GSM radios, a VGA screen and a microSD slot, all for under $300 Oz dollars and yes you get the smokes included in the price. {insert head shaking here} and
You just can’t make stuff like this up.

Eye Candy time. Hamad Darwish is one of the photographers who was commissioned by Micro$cum to shoot some of the photos used in Vista’s wallpaper collection. He is offering the ones they didn’t want as a freebie. These are 1920×1200 pixel images in the 30M download but you can use them just about on any OS that supports .jpg wallpapers (that would cover most of you). Some of it is gorgeous.

This fake trailer broke me up. “A Hard Day’s Night of the Living Dead” is a video mashup of Hard Day’s Night and Night of the Living Dead. So all the scenes where the Lads from Liverpool are on the run , and the camera cuts to the crowd of screaming girls chasing them? Nope. We got hordes of zombies. Sorry but it I thought it was really well done and really funny (which is way more important).

Illuminati doormats? Well not quite but check out this ambigram doormat that says “Come in” when viewed from the bottom and “Go away” when viewed from the top .

And lastly some of the highlights from over at this week.
A strange collection of stuff this week. Indian (they’re Irish) Fionn Regan (he’s Irish) and Susan Enan (I’m pretty sure she’s not Irish but she did live in Ireland for a while). It was a good week
Have a listen.


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