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Can you believe it, another week gone already? (Are we having fun yet?). This week I think we will mug the “arts”, I always like that, a bit of thought provoking fun for a Monday, get the brain working so by the time we hit the obligatory Flash game you ill all be fired up and ready to rock.
So let the games begin.

Still working off the smell of petrol have a look at the work of Italian artist Luca Pancrazzi, it’s a Maserati Quattroporte (think bucket loads of money) and then cover it with (no not chocolate) but half a ton of shattered glass. The piece currently sits outside the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (I am amused that the blinkers still work) and

Ok from expensive cars to stuff you have lying around the house (I love the sheep. about two thirds of the way down the page).

Now this one I would love to experience, “Sustainable: a dynamic robotic sound installation by David Birchfield, David Lorig, Kelly Phillips “. So the installation is comprised of a network of robot water gongs that are linked together by water tubes that allow each tank to receive water from one upstream neighbor, and to pump water into one downstream neighbor. The network is a closed system that distributes water between the members. I really like this one.

Andrew Smith is an artist is found at Make magazine. There is a wonderful sense of whimsy lurking in nearly all these pieces. Tornando 2 would be my pick if I had to choose just one.
Have a look at the Make page first
And then head over to his site (it’s one of the Flash driven thingies) and there is video and stuff.

Diversion. this is from Boing Boing. Hilarious: ask Google Maps for driving directions from New York to Dublin, Ireland and they’ll give them to you, including this step, “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi.” Weirdly, they instruct you to swim to France, drive the Chunnel to England, then take a ferry back to Ireland. Surely there’s a more efficient totally impossible route?

OK it’s time for the “life imitates art” or “aret imitates life” or “maybe these guys should get a life bit”. The deal is that a dozen 7-11 stores in the States are going to be refurbed as Kwik E Marts. Yep if it all goes to plan you will be able to score KrustyO’s cereal, Buzz Cola and iced Squishees (the cup says Squishee, but the contents will be Slurpee). Actually I think it might be time for the “Beam Me Up” bit.

And this weeks “Flash Game” is Shrink. The short version ( and this will take longer than it will for your first attempt to end in tears) you control the red ball. Avoid the black balls that come flying at you from every angle. So far, it’s a doddle. The catch (like that’s a surprise) is that the red ball keeps getting smaller. You can make the red ball larger and earn points by touching a larger blue ball. The blue ball is also floating around making it difficult to hang on without accidentally getting in the way of a black ball and dying. And then it gets harder, but oh so addictive. You have to give this one a try.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at this week.
An interesting collection this week. A lutist called Paul Berget, a fiddler named Natalie MacMaster, a weird house act called Hercules and Love Affair and Susan McKeown (yep you guessed it she’s Irish), all in all it was another good week
Have a listen.


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