Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070409

Just a quick one for Easter Monday. No chocolate, just a few bits of silliness.

But it is Easter so we gotta have eggs. So have a look at this guys work. it impressed me. (You can take this one up with Jools)

It wouldn’t be a Monday without a game and seeing as how after all that chocolate your reflexes are going to wired to the hilt of the sugar hit , today’s Flash game is that fantastic cell phone hit from years and years called Snake. But (and you knew there would be one), this version is in 3-D. The game play is roughly the same, you have to get the apple and not hi the wall or yourself, the more apples you eat the longer your body becomes and I am sure you can see where this is going. It was a doddle on the phone compared with this .

Blame time. and today’s contribution is from Chris O.
“Hi Thatch,

Well for any teaching subscribers… apologies if you and/or Jools have seen these very valuable, educational and environmentally aware sites.

I am especially concerned by the effects of the challenge to California’s Velcro Crop since the “Trade Agreement” probably means a cascading threat to our own plantations in Oz.

May you have the time to peruse and educate yourself

* Australian Drop Bears –
* The Pacific North West Tree Octopus –
* California’s Velcro Crop Under Challenge –
* Velcro and George de Mestral –

Thanks for the educational contribution, it’s nice to see what sessional teachers do with their research time.

This is just bit of silliness I knocked up, head over to and have a look at the video. Let me know what you think. It was a hoot to do.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at this week.
Another interesting collection of stuff. Jools found Sulfer Children & Dirty Pink Jeans. I was taken with Baby Blonde and The Downs and es pecially blacklab… crunchy guitars, yummy. All in all another good week. Have a listen.


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