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Hello all,

This week finds me still moving servers but the light is glimmering at the end of the tunnel (with my luck it will be a Balrog), it will soon be finished.

Now while I wait for databases to verify and the like, I have been musing about why MFI (My Friend Ian, reprised from last week) can’t find a net cafe in “the old country and the current dearth of cropcircles and the relationship between these seemingly unrelated events. Me, I reckon that these facts are more than casually related, for example, If all the net cafes in the UK are run by aliens and as we have a zero score so far for May, no aliens have arrived recently. It’s a done deal that this evidence supports my theory and that’s why MFI can’t find a netcafe (either that or he rolls into town, finds the pub first and that’s it as far as that town goes). Does this mean that Tony Blair’s crackdown on illegal immigration is kicking in at last? More to come . as soon as I make it up. A bored thatch is a bad thing. So on with the games. or as Chairman Kaga would say “Allez Gamez”.

Now with an intro like that it’s Flash Game time and once again “It’s Jool’s fault” (Blame is a wonderful thing). I think I will put her in charge of game testing for a while. This weeks offering is

This is the best time soak umm err impedimentia I’ve come across for quite some time. Turn down the sound effects though – they are just a tad annoying, but not off, oh no, not off.

Hee, hee, hee,
Jools ”
Any complaints? Take it up with Jools.

Friend Terri, sent a note through claiming she has been forced to drink the Kool Aid and joined up with the forces of evil (no not Micro$cum the other forces of evil) and bought a Mac. Here is her excuse as to why. I rather like Genius
Now all we need to do is wait for her to come to the “sad realisation” that MAC’s are expensive to upkeep.

This one works for me on so many levels.
From the artists site.
“Spamtrap” is an interactive installation piece the prints, shreds and blacklists spam email. It interacts with spammers by monitoring several email addresses I created specifically to lure in spam and an old unused personal email address I use to lure in spam. I do not use these email addresses for any other communication. I post these individual email addresses on websites and online bulletin boards that cause them to be harvested by spambots and then to start receiving spam”
Could you imagine what would happen if say Mythbusters got hold of this as an idea. I smell explosions, big explosions.

Jools wrote a piece about Banksy last year and I mentioned his book back in January. He is one of those polarising artists that leave no middle ground, you either love him or hate him. Me? I’m in the former camp. The New Yorker magazine just did a great 7 page article on him and his work that you can find here. and Jools piece is here.
Well worth the read.

And from the “Turn It Up To Eleven” dept. Spinal Tap are reforming to help save the planet at the LiveEarth concert. You can read all about it here and watch the new Spinal Tap short.

Escape Pod are an awesome podcast site that covers science fiction, at the moment they are running all(?) the Hugo nominees for best short story, the link below is to Episode 105, Tim Pratt’s wonderful story “Impossible Dreams”. It’s about a film-buff who discovers a video store from another dimension. I loved this and am clearing some space on the MP3 player for a few more.

Escape Pod 105: Impossible Dreams

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
this week. We were unable to update this week (it was one of the sites being moved to a new server). But my favourite this week would be “My Chemical Romance” talk about missing the boat. Have a listen.


{Currently listening to Lara St.John & Eurovision (what can I say) UPDATE: The Serbian entry was a ripper and truly deserved to win.}
{Currently reading: Ruby-programming manual}
{Quick Status Check: Have you read the Labour party policy on Uranium mines. they can go to hell}
{Crop Circle Status: May: Still Zero
(Going well isn’t it?)}

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