Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070528


No I am not going to see Evermore at the Palais. I just want to clear that right up at the beginning. Thank you to everyone who sent along the advance warning, but I have seen them once this year and that will hold me.

Besides in July I get to see Ross Ryan and Spectrum playing at the Trades Hall. Two of my favourite acts on the same show. It is a tad serendipitous as I was looking for my copy of Milesago the other week to check something I was about to write in a review. It’s in a box somewhere upstairs so maybe I can put in a request and get Mike to perform it. For the three of you who aren’t on either acts mailing list you can get info here and here

“FLASH Game” So what happens when you mate Solitaire with Tetris? Speedcluster is what. All you need to do is click and drag the cards from the bottom row onto one of the cards falling from the top. So, if a 7 is falling and you have an 8 on the home row you drag and drop the 8 onto the 7, score some point’s and then panic because there are 4 more cards falling. The longer the chain is, the more points you receive. Are we having fun yet? Start this and you can kiss the rest of the day goodbye. No. No. Don’t thank me. it’s what we do.

Moving along, I thought you might appreciate this podcast of a fan-produced adaptation of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. This isn’t a BBC version so the production values are a little well . uneven (that’s a good word), but having seen what Hollywood did to Hitchhikers these guys scrub up pretty well. At least they know that the words are important. not to mention it is supposed to be funny. There are three half-hour episodes, with more to come.

“Mousetrap For Adults? Dept:” I love these things, all the tiny little pieces having to come together at just the right time and the obsessive detail. God knows what that says about me, but here are two more to add to the collection.
Contraption II is pretty cool.

“BLAME Dept” There is something about stop-motion video.
“Cool stop-motion work by Lorenzo Latrofa, Giovanni Braggio and Fabio Santomauro.

Impedimentia ahoy!
Love Jools ”
There is a better quality version here

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
this week. Jools moved on to Germany and found a great act called Lyriel and I finally covered Runrig who have a new album. Have a listen.


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