Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070618


Looking forward to the Spectrum & Ross Ryan gig on Friday, should be a hoot. Bland phoned through the last of his radio bits today, he will be back late this week and doing the JVG radio show live to air the week after. it was fun getting the sound editing skills back up to speed.

The one bummer of the whole week was finding out that Mark Hunter of the tartan podcast was chucking it in and no longer doing his show on Scottish independent bands
I will miss the show a lot, and tit was probably the first podcast I ever subscribed to. So long Mark and thanks for the songs.

On to the silliness.

Jools found this great animation.

No, not a game. This is a short animation by a guy called Dustin McLean (Dustball). I really like this guys work. Worth a rummage – although some of the “Supernews” stuff he does is very Southpark if you know what I mean.

Love, Jools”

How Does It Work? Dept: Jools also found this one, I cracked up laughing
“This one one for the Luddite in us all. Ever wondered how they make the mouse arrow move around your screen? With the aid of a screen magnifying lens, the mechanism becomes apparent
Love, Jools ”
So now we know how it’s done.

Whats On Your Desktop? Or Capitalism Won Dept: Now trust me this is way way way to expensive for what it is, but the “I want one” factor is awesomely high.
Hype from the site
“Unbelievable bright images 5 megs of memory holds up to 128 individual frames. You can animate, spin, slide, flash and dissolve to your heart’s delight. All the while, enjoying the cool breeze from a chromed-up art-deco desktop fan.”
I want one.
Sick of all the hitech gadgets that never deliver what they promise? Yes? Well have we found the most beautiful desk toys for you. They don’t require batteries and they are truly beautiful
Take It as read I want these too. Especially the flying saucer
This one that Jools found
I don’t know what to say.
Love, Jools ”
What to say? I want one of course.

And lastly some of the highlights from over at this week. Jools found Clann An Drumma and I was taken with “Seems So Bright” a New York rock band and Blind Willie Mctell. Have a listen.


{Currently listening to Ryan Adams (not sure about this dude) & Al DiMeola (am sure about him)}
{Currently reading: Still doing The Troy Game Series by Sara Douglass (it’s a very thick novel)}
{Quick Status Check: Still going to Hell. Special update by roving reporter Dante next week}
{Crop Circle Status: June: Eight so far for the month of June. I like the sundial }
This wasn’t one of them

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