Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070723


So are we having fun yet? I don’t know that I actually did that much this week but it really seem to fly past. I am trying to think of something to do with the thatchspace website look and feel. I have a ton of silly ideas, oh well you will find out eventually (and so will I).

Now these aren’t crop circles but they are ephemeral art. Well the art bit is something we can debate over a good single malt or two, but the ephemeral is absolutely spot on.

Flash Game Bit: Today’s total waste of time is a throwback online Flash game that has a good deal of charm, and great game play. Hand’s up those who remember the laserdisc arcade games like Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace, if you do you will figure this out in nothing flat and if you don’t well this will be a lot of fun.

Where Dragon’s Lair had high quality animation going for it, Dungeon Escape is way way way simpler but it turns out that killer graphics aren’t needed to make a cool game. Dungeon Escape has exactly the same feel as the classic laserdisc games, yet it’s all rendered as a black-on-white stick figure world.

Blame Bit: This is Jools fault…
“This gives the expression, “a bouncy tune” a whole new meaning.
It’s a hoot, make sure you have the sound on.
And while on the subject of blaming Jools…
“You know how I enjoy watching fireworks – well here is an impedimentia for those of us who fancy fireworks. You can create your own display choosing from a selection of of fireworks – select colours, set their ignition times and more. A wonderful way to while away some time.
Love, Jools ”

Back when we got our first computer, the really neat thing was that you could actually program them and make them do things that you wanted to-do (eventually), it was great fun and I actually learned a lot. These days it is really hard to strip of the “appliance” layers and actually tinker with the insides. HacketyHack is a Ruby-based development environment and tutorial lessons designed to make it easy to write useful software. The guiding principle is to “make the most common code very easy and short. Downloading an MP3 should be one line of code. A blog should be very few” (6 lines, in their example). I am having a ball with this.

Want a way to find playable mp3 files and listen to them on your computer, I found this great new program called SeeqPod, it’s a specialised search engine that looks only for media files on the Web. This is a really interesting service. You can search for a specific artist and listen to them play as you surf, the bit I love is the “Discovery” button: it lets you take a chance and listen to a recently discovered piece that SeeqPod has found on the Web. I love chance.

Over at we had an interesting week. We had a look at the Indigo Girls, a really interesting guy called Tom Langford ( I liked him) and Jools found Yellow Ghost Records. Check it out
So that it for this week.


{Currently listening to Art Of Noise & Runrig }
{Currently reading: Harry Potter Book 6 while waiting for Jools to finish
the last Harry Potter book}
{Quick Status Check: Still going to Hell. Like there’s a suprise}
{Crop Circle Status: July: we have 14 so far, going well isn’t it? }

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