Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070730


Just a quick note this week, I am way behind in my work. One of the reasons is that Jools and I spent all day Saturday at a Craft and Quilt fair, and while we were out the servers I were cloning were corrupted by a power out.

Now the quilts were amazing, we spent hours checking out the details and stuff, Jools has a few pictures up at her site , now some of you (probably most of you) will find it a bit strange that I am taken by the whole quilting thing but when you think about it , this is me we are talking about. Merely strange is just an opening bid.

Whip over to joolsweb and have a look and you will see what attract me, these things are works of art that people spend years creating, one of the quilts on display took an estimated 17,000 to complete, that’s FOUR years folks. They contain memories and stories and if you ever get the chance to see early American quilts, especially the Amish ones you will see an expression of the human condition that impresses even a cynic like me.

What the pictures won’t convey is the scale, some of these things are big. Any way the show was great, the people there were really helpful and knowledgeable and didn’t talk down to “newbies” who asked dumb questions. And almost universally tried to convince to “have a go”.

I am in awe of people who can do this, if I found out how it was done it would be like finding out how a magician does the trick.

I don’t want the magic to escape.

So while Jools and I were out, the just under a million files that were being cloned from one machine to another got stopped in the middle by a power out. And then to add insult to injury the audio recording I was doing this afternoon failed.

Maybe I should take up sewing.

Over at we had an interesting week. Jools found TUN3R a great internet radio station finder and I was really taken with 1990. Check it out

So that it for this week, games, silliness and the regular disaster all will be back next week


{Currently listening to Stone Temple Pilots & Keith Jarrett}
{Currently reading: The Last Harry Potter Book. Oooh scary stuff boys and girls}
{Quick Status Check: Remote servers and no security guard to reboot. Hell! }
{Crop Circle Status: July: we are up to 17 this week, going well isn’t it? And West Kennett got another beauty. }

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