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Well I finished the final Harry Potter book and will now go back to reading manuals , although while watching the Midsomer Murder I was captivated by some amazing footage of Snowdonia National Park in Wales that put me in mind of the one of the books in Susan Cooper’s “The Dark Is Rising” series. If you haven’t read it, mug a twelve year old and steal their copy (or head to Minotaur books and just give them money. which ever you think might be easier and I digress). “The Grey King” is set around the same countryside and it was cool to see how well my imagination had done.

Oh dear this is depressing. The Dark Is Rising is an amazing series of books, it takes Arthurian and Celtic mythology and wraps it up in a totally absorbing story that frankly leaves the whining Mr Potter and his companions for dead (waits for thunderbolt to fall from the sky. No? See even the gods agree.). That’s right folks Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Nooooooo! (sorry, blame User Friendly )

Back to depressing, they are finally turning “The Dark is Rising” into a film. <> and this doesn’t bode well. Remember what happened when the Americans got hold of Hitchikers and they cut out all the jokes because they didn’t feel that they would work in America. yep. As near as I can figure only ONE of the actors has actually read the books. So that’s made the decision for me instead of reading another boring computer manual, I will drag out my copy of the Dark is Rising and read it instead.

On with the silliness.

Jools found this is her travels..
“Wingardium Leviosa! Make me one? huh?
This is a impedimentia olright – not sure if it’s a Monday morning one though.
Love, Jools ” Yeah yeah, we all want one.

OK picture this, you work in an advertising company and you are given this as a brief.
“Try to encourage people to take a taxi with Frankfurt Taxi Services after they’ve had a few drinks, rather than get behind the wheel of their own car.”

So being a bright advertising person you do the obvious thing and head down the boozer for lunch (of course it’s research. just checking out the target market. trust me)
And while you are there the answer comes to you in a splash (wait for it)

Well, where do most people go when they’re drunk? (Apart from the bar, that is.) They go to the toilet. Bloody obvious really and there is the perfect medium to reach our target audience, the urinal. Don’t believe me, have a look at
Trust me I am not making this up. So from this we learn that women are less likely to drive while drunk and that advertising agencies should ban Flash Games from the workers computers (nice segue that)

Today’s Flash Game is from the “Jools Collection. Wee hoo! This is the old game of Tank with better graphics – just.
Love, Jools”
She’s right, and not a urinal in sight unless you count my crappy score.

This next item is from Rob B. it seems that there is a Scotch Appreciation society (of course there is and Aberlour is the favourite I am appreciating at the moment) and they have members and believe it or not a conference about how to appreciate scotch (in a glass with 2 ice cubes is my preference)
Thanks Rob

This is from Cory Doctrow at Boing Boing (one of my favourite blogs)
“In the 8-minute animated short “A Gentleman’s Duel,” what starts off as a sexist little cartoon about a Frenchman and a Brit vying for the attention and affection of an improbable-breasted bimbo builds up a rapid head of steam as the antagonists climb into their giant Victorian mecha suits and kick the snot out of each other, with a lot of Road Runner-esque funny gracenotes.”

We haven’t done wallpapers for a while, I found Interfacelift while looking for something else and was blown away with the staggering amount of resolutions available. They even support my laptop’s wide screen “out of the box” as they say. Pretty piccies too.

Over at we had an interesting week. Justin Moore and Jenny Scheinman were two of the highlights. Stroll over and have a listen.


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{Currently reading: Finishing up Richard Bransons bio and then onto Susan Cooper}
{Quick Status Check: Microsoft SBS2003 Server. Hell absolute hell}
{Crop Circle Status: August: Oooh we have 4. You have to read the “explanation” of the Westwood one, truly priceless. }

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