Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20070827

A fairly ordinary week this week, but as always it has it’s moments. I have been doing a lot of “server wrangling” and that’s always fun. I have been listening to a lot of old music this week, I really love that my MP3 player can hold so much stuff on it . I went off on one of my jazz fusion things this week and found that my memories of what I thought was pretty spectacular music back then still amazes me. I almost felt like dragging out my guitar again (I got over it and washed my hands straight away). Oh I have been told to point out to you that all of these are available at the thatchspace website, so if you are looking for an old issue to find a game or something head to There is a reasonable search facility available there as well.

On with the sillies.

Oh yes, this is a goodie, get yourself a cuppa, take the phone off the hook and kiss the morning goodbye. Jools is to “Blame” for this (it’s already put a ding in her productivity).

“The idea is to paint a path for the ball to get it to the exit. Time soak worthy of the name Impedimentia.
Love, Jools ”
IT sounds so simple. mwahahahahaha.
And this is also from Jools . Vinni Puh (that’s right Poohbear) in Russian. This is fabulous.
“Settling down this evening to write a Duggup review – I stumbled upon this most wonderful version of the children’s classic Winnie the Pooh. Unlike the Disney version though this has real character and humour.

AND if you insist on subtitles try

Oi! Rabbit has no friends and relations and there is no Christopher Robin, but who cares, they have the cutest piglet. Worth wasting time on.
Love Jools”
This is priceless, and it will stick in your brain. you have been warned. Much, much better than the Disney stuff.

There is something fascinating about the cult of Solitaire, for all the “social networking” talk of people using computers to communicate with one another I am willing to bet that a lot more time is spent in the “solitary” pursuit of whacking the red three on the black four. And here is yet another version. World of Solitaire is a full screen Javascript based solitaire program with all the usualsmooth animations, a customizable card deck, and 12 game modes including popular versions such as Spider, Klondike, and FreeCell. The game gives you a ton statistics and a status bar for your time, number of moves, and overall score. (Big deal I lose. Lots. Thanks for the reminder)
And for the two geeks out there, Robert Shultz, the developer of the game, gave an interview about how he built it and the stuff he used.

The noise you can hear is my good taste chip hemorrhaging, it was a close thing but I managed to fight it off long enough to write this site up, it’s is obscene, disturbing and of course American, and fortunately it’s a parody. but it will mess with your mind nonetheless.

Over at we had a very cool week. Sarah McQuaid , a killer guitarist and singer, Jools found Il Giardino Armonico, a period instrument ensemble and Lisa Germano or Like A Thief to round out the highlights. Stroll over and have a listen.

And on a related thought, I noticed this while trawling through YouTube. The Zombies doing “She’s Not There”. Rod Argent on keys (and he looks as if he’s not there) and Colin Blunstone on vocals. One of my favourite oldies. (Bugger I forgot to look and see if there was a copy of “Time Of The Season”)


{Currently watching: Midsomer Murders (ooh scary stuff boys & girls). the series will be over soon. Sadly}
{Currently reading: Still on Susan Cooper’s “Dark is Rising Trilogy” . damn it’s good}
{Quick Status Check: Still going to hell. Jools is coming as well}
{Crop Circle Status: August: Still only a measly 6. I think the bottom has fallen out of the crop circle market . oh well it was fun while it lasted. }

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