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Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band released a new album last week, consequently productivity has been impeded. You can read about it at Jools and I both wrote about it. I think I will do some housekeeping today, in answer to the odd query now and then. You can always find ALL of the old Impediments at and You remember back in May I mentioned “My Friend Ian” well head over to and check out the poems. I am still recording them for him and popping them up on his website. There are some real beauts there.

On with the sillies.

Continuing on with the modern art fun from last week, have a look at David Herbert’s homage to VHS and 2001, I know we have all moved onto the digital age but I’m sorry this past the smile test. (actually it passed the falling off the chair test). This was spotted by Jools

This was also spotted by Jools
“Here comes Monday Morning….
Love, Jools,38bart,77858,3.html?pic=61&total=61&auto=1 and here ”
And here is the steampunk Bart by Angel Tan and Justin Volp. They created this steampunk piece for the custom Bart Simpson art exhibit.

We haven’t had a really annoying flash game (although by definition ALL of them are annoying) for a while. Let’s rectify that. Avalanche is incredibly annoying. It’s simple, you can figure out how to play it in about a minute. Kiss goodbye to the rest of the week figuring out how to win ( or am I just thick?). You are in control of what appears to be a vanilla slice; you can go left and right, you can jump, and most importantly you can slide down vertical surfaces and then jump from them. There is an endless supply of blocks, in all sizes and yes they come in colours, falling from the sky, and an ocean of red liquid rising beneath. Get as high as you can without getting crushed or touched by the rising damp. You should save this for a weekend, you’ll lose Monday to it (Oh yeah… that’s the point innit?).

Over the course of these things we have raced cars, planes trains, aliens, paper planes and marbles amongst others. It’s time to go one step further, to boldly go where no one has gone before, that’s right today we race shopping trolleys.
Blame Jools
“Don’t think you’ve used this one before – all I can say is – all you can do is steer and hope for the best..
Love, Jools ”
We hadn’t used it and the steering instructions are about right.

So you went out and bought one of those wide screen LCD monitors so you could watch DVDs err.. see a few extra columns in the spreadsheet, yep that sounds better. BUT now you normal wallpaper selection looks well crap. We have a solution, head over to Dual Screen Wallpapers and they will have something for you I’m sure. I rather like Dual Nuerons (halfway down on the left) Interface lift is worth a look as well.

Over at you will find the two reviews of the new Springsteen album (mine is the long rambling one) . We also had fun listening to the BrightLights, Major Chord and Josh Pyke.


{Currently listening to Bruce Springsteen (big surprise)}
{Currently reading: The 16 page inset that came with the CD. obsessed? Who said the “O” word}
{Quick Status Check: Hell is when you suddenly realise that it will be 5 years till the next E.Street Band album}
{Crop Circle Status: It’s over for another year. Bother. }

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