Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20071112


We went and saw Ross Ryan play last night. Best gig he has done for years, he had Ken Stephenson playing anything with strings and Roy on Bass. There will be a proper review and a couple of songs either here or over at “Not Dead Yet” in a day or so. Ross is threatening to do a few more gigs with this line up, if you get a chance don’t miss it.

Well I am still working on databases and websites but there is light a the end of the tunnel, and I will bet that it is just the flickering light of “Abandon ALL Hope” sign at the entrance of the next tunnel.

So with a glass of Glenfiddich Scotch and some ice it’s time to “Alez Sillies”

Let’s see, Minotaur Books and I still have an outstanding appointment for William Gibson’s Spook Country, at least I got to read the Rolling Stone interview, he is an interesting dude.

Flash Game time and we are picking on penguins yet again. What is it about penguins.
“There is something a tad disturbing about this particular Impedimentia.
Love, Jools”
205m is the best I could do. Jools is right, this is a tad well. weird.

Now, I know that the brief here is an “Impediment To Productivity” rather than trying to get you to work, but some of these are as cute as. The Puzzle Alarm Clock is a hoot, I can think of a few people who could be getting one of these for Christmas.

Free fonts are everywhere online, but 99 times you get what you paid for. Vitaly Friedman ( a freelance web designer) has put together a listing of his choice of the best 25 free fonts available online, and it’s pretty useful collection of fonts that are useful in a business setting. Not really that useful for a grunge look but a pretty collection. Jools will probably disagree.

A couple of weeks ago My friend Bill (MFB? No let’s not go there) sent me an email, the key bit of which was the sentence.
“There’s a totally improvised (yeah, complete with mistakes, no external processing apart from normalisation) mp3 at
Gotta go and edit it into a final release version. (No, it won’t have so many fast bits…) ”

I downloaded the track and it is still on my MP3 player and then started arguing with all the things that Bill did to it. (It’s OK this is what we do, talking about music is like breathing some days.). Here is a chance to have a glimpse inside a truly phenomenal musician’s compositional process.

First up, have a listen to (no pressure but this is my favourite) then go to and play Demo 1.

Demo1 has been processed and altered, he replayed parts and if I hadn’t heard the first one I would have been really, really impressed. BUT for me the unaltered, direct honesty of the Shades 1 mp3 is pretty perfect as a performance. And performance wins every time.

Send Bill a note and tell him you think the first one is better. but no pressure. You should have a look at his album as well.

Over at you will find some new additions to the ever-growing collection. My favourite this week is Richard Crandell, glorious acoustic guitar. Oh don’t miss The Cave Singers and Slow Club. Jools was taken with Katie Melua (and why wouldn’t you be) .


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