Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20071210

Sometimes it takes awhile but eventually the gods (and Google) smile on you. About 18 months back I heard some amazing guitar work coming from the radio one morning and by the time I woke up enough to be able to recognise actual words I didn’t quite catch the band name just that they were from Ireland. Time passes and I just kept the guitar riff in the back of my brain.

Now for the good bit. I was scanning Decibel (it’s a heavy metal mag ) and there they were. The one line description was enough, I just knew that the band they were writing about matched up with the music in my head.

Rodrigo (Sanchez) and Gabriela (Quintero) are two awesomely talented, Mexicans now based in Dublin with a truly singular sound created with two (very very nice) acoustic guitars. The biggest problem is that their music is difficult to define,they list as influences Metallica, Megadeth, Paco DeLucia, Al Di Meola and Alex Skolnick Guitar Trio. Their reworkings of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” and Metallica’s “Orion” are amazing. I will clean this up and write them up in duggup.

If you are interested have a look here

Oh well, looks like I may have found my Christmas present, time to ring Basement Records.

So with a single malt and ice in hand, its time to “Alez Sillies” once more.

Let’s start with Blame and Creepy
“Many Barbies gave their lives that this jewellery might exist.
Love, Jools ”
This stuff is just so weird and yet .

Also from Jools
“Ever wondered what the pepperpot tin toy R2D2 was saying? – this really won’t help – but it is silly.
Love Jools ”
It really is silly, I briefly considered changing the ringtone on my phone

I realise that not everyone ignores there birthdays with as much vigour as I have on occasion but did I really need to know that I have been around for over 484,925 hours (god that’s a lot of television). The site gives you stats about the day you entered the world, such as your age (in number of days, hours, and seconds), your zodiac sign, and more. You also can find other enlightening sites that teach you more about your date of birth (noteworthy events, names of famous folks who have the same birthday, and the most popular song on the charts when you entered the world, among others) which is I suppose a good way to impede productivity

The Flash Game. Today’s offering is an addictive little impediment called MiniRacers (cute, innocuous, and wrong). The one thing to keep in mind is once you start playing with it, you’re going to be in here awhile.

It is reminiscent of the old 8bit classic Lunar Lander, where you’d have to carefully guide a ship to land safely on the moon. In this case the point isn’t to organise safe landing, it’s to race to a goal through a maze. (And Harry Potter thought he had it tough, he only people trying to kill him)

For the “competitive ones among you ( you know who you are)
Don’t get too excited if you manage to get a high score. They reset at midnight every night. So you get to go back and do it again. The high score thing isn’t really going to bug me. unless you can get a high score for crashing.

More ebooks – Here is the hype ..
“Fired from a job he hated at a company he loved, videogame designer Paul Reynolds is drowning his sorrows in late-morning margaritas when he meets an alluring, pink-haired conwoman named Chloe. With her gang of techno-pirate friends, Chloe helps Paul not only take revenge on his former employers, but also extort a small fortune from them in the process. What more could a recently unemployed, over worked videogame designer in Silicon Valley ask for?”

It’s creative commons, it comes in enough download formats to keep even me satisfied and it’s a hoot of a read.

Over at you will find some new additions to the ever-growing collection. Jools found a singing nun, Sister Marie Keyrouz and I was taken with Murder by Death.

And for a closing thought this week Jools found this. Remember what David Lynch told us back in Twin Peaks
“The owls are not what they seem”.


{Currently listening to Rodrigo y Gabriela (the question is are you?)}
{Currently reading: Still working through Raymond Feist oldies }
{Quick Status Check: blink blink blink hell the status check is broken}
{Crop Circle Status: It’s over for another year.
“Bother” said a rather grumpy bear. }

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