Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080128


Well even though we are enjoying the end of our summer (The Australia Day weekend is the un-official end of summer here in Australia), there is still productivity that needs impdeminting, Yep it’s a grubby job but someone has to do it. So here is the The Melbourne Symphony orchestra, conducted by Cezary Skubiszewski, playing the unofficial Australian National Anthem.

So with a soundtrack of ice clinking in a glass of single malt it’s time tp “Allez Sillies”

How come we don’t get buildings like this one in Australia, Head over to and check out the 5 storey School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University campus, Singapore. It’s got a turf roof, glass walls and unpainted concrete. It’s fabulous. What do we get, crap. Sorry I just saw this and felt so ripped of as I looked out the window at the city of Melbourne in the distance.

Video killed the Radio Star, or so they would have us believe. Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz over at Smashing Magazine have assembled a collection of 29 music videos, here is what they had to say.
“Some of the videos are thought-provoking, some of them are funny and some are bizarre. While many of them are well-known, you’ll probably find some videos you’ve never watched before. The videos all (fit) perfectly to the music which is being played in the background. Hopefully, everyone will find something new and inspiring for himself/herself. Please notice that you might need to watch some videos at least twice to get the idea behind them.”
There are a whole bunch here that I haven’t seen before the Sigur Ros is stunning and so is the Daft Punk clip but for totally different reasons. This should keep you going ’til lunch time.

Now we all know how much fun I had at the Art Gallery last year, well here is a chance to join in the fun. Jools spotted during the week and I had a lot of fun with it. Curiously relaxing.

And continuing in the gallery, this contribution from Karen. “
You’ll never look at garbage the same way again. ”

Tim Noble and Sue Webster are artists based in England, they make their pieces from piles of rubbish that they collect from the street. A light is projected against the pile, and the shadow on the wall creates an entirely different image, typically one of the couple themselves: this is not at all apparent from looking directly at the pile.

I find myself intruiged by the whole American political process, it seems that I am not the only one. Jools sent this along and I couldn’t stop laughing

This week over at, we had the usual eclectic crop, Jools was taken with Carbon Leaf and the Warumpi band (damn they were good). My favourite this week is “Black Mountain” or “Dirty Projectors”. I also wrote up some Lunasa “Live To Air” Concerts. Just brilliant. Stroll over and check them out.

Game Time: Jools is having a good time searching out impedimentia but starts her studies tomorrow. This is a ripper game, so simple, so beguiling, so much time consumed. but here is what Jools wrote
“I died on level 20 with a score of 1239 which I thought must be pretty good until I saw the high scores and well – see if you can do better.
Love, Jools ”
We wont talk about my score. Ever.

Have a good one


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080121

The new duggup@notdeadyet site overhaul seems to have gone down well. Jools has been tweaking some of the bits as we got used to it. I have Warren Zevon’s Sentimental Hygiene on 11 in the headphones, damn it’s good. I love finding old albums that I haven’t heard for yonks.

You assume that you remember the songs but when you put it on the player, it is startling just how good and fresh it all sounds. I will have to spend a day a week going backwards and writing up some old stuff as well. I already found some old Dream Theater stuff that I have uploaded to my MP3 player.

So with a soundtrack of ice clinking in a glass of single malt it’s time tp “Allez Sillies”

Cats. we haven’t done cats for awhile so today courtesy of Roger L (yes that’s who you get to BLAME) we have this wonderful video by an English animator called Simon Tofield and it is actually called ‘Cat Man Do’ (it’s been doing the rounds under the title of “Wake Up Cat”). He works for an animation company called Tandem Films. Jools and I have owned cats like this.

This weeks sci-fi story is Kiosk by Bruce Sterling. It’s a story that reads like a Make Magazine. 3D printing, carbon nano-tubes and tons more. You can find it at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Not sure how long it will last.

This was at Boing Boing.
“The folks who made the brilliant Battle of Helm’s Deep made of candy over last year’s Christmas break have topped themselves with a followup: a candy scale model of Minas Tirith from the Battle of Pelennor Fields. It’s giant. Stupendous. Edible! ” It’s Brilliant.
The Battle of Pelennor Fields

Jools spotted this over at YouTube. What if God had a Myspace?
Not really a lot to say except DON’T drink your coffee while watching this. and while you are there
A dude in New York City chucks a paper plane from 300 feet up an apartment building and naturally he videos the resulting 55-second flight.

This week over at, we had some interesting bits. My favourite is a band called Abney Park and Paul Kelly is giving away live tracks for free (How cool is that) Jools had the find of the week though with Marc Cohn Stroll over and check them out.

Game Time: If you enjoy defense games, you might want to check out StormWinds 1.5. It’s different from other defense games I have featured in the past, the biggy is you don’t throw weapons all over the palce and leave them automatically fire at enemies, this time you get up to four weapons and can only control one at a time. That means you have to pick carefully and work on your aim. On the upside the attack waves are predictable and get stronger and more numerous as the game goes on. I have no idea why I like this style of game but this is one out of the box.

Have a good one


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080114


Time to strike fear into the hearts of businesses everywhere with two simple words. “We’re Back” Yes. Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” is back for 2008, a week later than planned but even I can have my productivity impeded. So did we all have a good silly season?

So with a soundtrack of ice clinking in a glass of single malt its time to “Alez Sillies” once more.

The Common Craft Show is a series of short explanatory videos produced by Lee and Sachi LeFever. The main draw is what they call Paperwork Videos. The videos are very cleverly executed and I really like the way they convey a ton of information in a really entertaining manner.

For example, Jools and I were at a party on Friday and chatting with our friend Doreen about her latest works. Needless to say we wanted to see the piccies but Doreen hadn’t sent them out yet. This year she will be using Flickr to share the photo’s. To explain what online photo sharing is, why you would want to consider it, what are the benefits of using it and which online photo sharing tools you can use to get your hands dirty right now: head over to or for some other topics.

Phil & Seona were in Melbourne over Christmas and we chatted about John Scalzi (amongst other things) which reminded me that I had a link to one of his free eBooks. You can find a copy of it in just about every reader fomat under the sun at and you can find out what the hell it’s about at
It’s a hoot.

Blame time, this from Karen
“Check out this painting dude. You have to watch to the very end to realise the true brilliance of this guy.
Shades of the early days of Rolf Harris. ”

What do a cup of tea, chaos theory and total silliness have in common? Besides Douglas Addams and the Infinite Improbability Drive. Well today’s answer is the Theremug. That’s right using a cup of tea as the controller for a musical instrument. Kyle McDonald has written up the Instructions for turning a mug of tea into a Theremin:
1 Prepare some tea
2 Expose the L/R leads on an 1/8″ cable
3 Immerse leads in tea
4 Plug cable into audio input
Etc etc Head over to and check out the video. Absolutely priceless, I’m sure Douglas Adams would have approved.

Worth 1000 have been reading the Terry Pratchett I suspect .. here is the guff on a recent competition.

“Death. The Grim Reaper. We all know this non-denominational character by his sickle and his dark robe. Ingmar Bergman showed us that we can postpone the inevitable by engaging Death in a chess match, and the 1934 movie “Death Takes A Holiday” showed us that even the Grim Reaper needs a vacation once in a while.

The rules of this game are thus: Show us the Grim Reaper on vacation. How would other vacationers react? What would he do? Water ski? Camp? Go to a theme park? Or maybe he’d just lounge on the beach.”
My favourite is

Jools sent across this item about Domino Day 2006 when a new world record was set. 4,079,381 stones were toppled out of the 4,400,000 that were set up. Four builders’ challenges were set in which pairs of builders were chosen to complete vital parts of the set-up while the dominoes were already toppling. The first three builders’ challenges failed so the success of the last challenge was crucial to setting the world record. The design of the course took about a year and a team of 90 builders took around two months to build it. As the video shows it took less than 4 minutes to fall over.
Part I
Part II
Parts I and II will blow about 18 minutes here is a 4 minute highlights

By the way Jools has done a great job of tarting up duggup, it looks fabulous. It only came back on line today as well but stroll over and give it a once over and let us know what you think.

You thought I wasn’t going to do a game today. the thought did cross my mind but then I would have to deal with all the email. So today we are offering two choices.
Choice The First: TowerBlox is a game of precision, timing, and stacking (I’m screwed). It allows you to take a precious skill learned as an infant (stacking blocks), and put it to use in a quick and mad little flash game. So here is the deal, you are building an apartment tower out of tons of blocks. Each block swings from a crane above, and your job is to pick the find the perfect moment to click and release the block so that it lands on top of the previous block a squarely as possible. The more square your block lands, the more people fly in from the sides using umbrellas as wings and take up residence in the block you just dropped. Stacking them exactly on top of one another will generate bonus points. As the tower grows, it starts to sway, meaning you have a swinging block that you have to time to land on a moving target.
Heaps of annoyance.

Choice The Second. Even more annoying is Roboclaw. The object of the game is to move a double-axis claw to pick up a ball and place it in a goal. The up and down arrow keys control the main axis, and the left and right arrow keys control the secondary axis. The levels get increasingly difficult ( it would be silly to make it easier) by adding obstacles (the claw and arm can pass over obstacles, but the ball cannot) and making you race the timer, fear not there is a code for each level so you can pick up where you left off if you lose all of you lives.
Impedimentia indeed.

Have a good one


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