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Once again a real quickie this week. It’s one of those weird periods of time where everything needs to happen at once. I wont bore you with the details, it’s all tech crap anyway. By the way if you haven’t checked them out whip over to Ian’s site (yep MFI hisself) and listen to his weekly poem. Yesterdays was a beauty. In the meantime here is your meager assortment of sillies.

This is an amazing stop motion video, the technique and content, impedimentia indeed. Made from paintings on public walls, sidewalks, and other spaces, it follows a creature as it undergoes a mindbending series of transformations, the paintings interact with their surfaces – a trompe d’oeil brick falls out of a wall, pieces of paper are snatched with a froglike tongue, and hiding places are found in the corners of crumbling walls.
Jools spooted this piece about people hacking their scooters..
“My fav is the “Skywave” in black. It sizzles.
Love, Jools ”

I really like the green one.

I’m sorry but this had me entertained for way longer than it should have (and no this has nothing to do with it being a short one this week). Once it fires up click on one of the white circled letters to get some music (F is good) and then play the keyboard to . well you’ll get the idea. The Blame is all mine on this puppy

The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It is a presentation Harvard Law School professor Jonathan Zittrain gave at Princeton near the end of March.

He begins by covering early 20th century “sterile” technology like tabulation machines that were rented by the census bureau. The machines didn’t encourage any sort of innovation. Next he talks about “generative” technology like the internet and modern operating systems where anyone can build whatever they want. The final step is the more recent move to what he calls “tethered” technology. These are the systems with upgradeable firmware where devices can ship with unfinished features and remove features after the consumer has already purchased the device. He uses the iPhone as an example of this walled garden that could hurt innovation. You can watch the video at YouTube

Spotted over at Hack A Day

This week at Duggup. Jools wrote about Jackson Browne (which got me off the hook. I didn’t even know where to start writing). Me, I was on an Americana kick with “Bowerbirds” who are fabulous and Laura Gibson who is equally fab but for different reasons. But the pick of the week would be “The Black Keys”, trust me.
Head over and check it out.


Flash Game Time: Have a big weekend? A tad brain dead? Well have I got a gane for you, today’s offering has virtually no learning curve, it’s simple and mindless. Perfect right?

The goal of the game (OK let’s be real generous and call it a goal) is to keep your sphere alive in a world of red and blue bars that horizontally scroll across the screen and accumulate as many points as possible. Easy Peasy. Keep bouncing on bars of one color, you can build a combo, big points score for that one. Fail a jump and your score is reset and you get to do it some more with almost no delay. You can influence the jump and movement of your ball with the directional keys, allowing you to aim for bars of your chosen color. You can also “double jump” in mid air, letting you stretch some jumps to get where you want. The game comes in two modes, normal and extreme, but start with extreme it’s definitely better, since the bars disappear after you jump on them and hostile flying triangles will make it more interesting (that’s the Chinese proverb interesting).

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


{Currently listening to Runrig and The Black Keys. You have no idea how weird that mix is}
{Currently reading: John Brunner’s Shockwave Rider (damn he was good). }
{Quick Status Check: MSSQL or Hell. hmm it’s a tuffy}
{Crop Circle Status: So far, 3 for May. It will pick up. I hope. }

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