Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080525


Where does a year go? I couldn’t believe it was time for the annual Eurovision Pop thingie. Yes yes, I know but it’s fascinating (in a perverse way). Seriously though there was very little dross this year. Quite surprising really

Anyway it”s time to get back to work
Jools found this, don’t be drinking coffee while watching this..
“Woah! Cats on a treadmill. Warning warning unless you want to laugh yourself sick – do not watch.
Love, Jools ”

People with way more time on their hands than me dept.
First watch this YouTube video of “OK Go” from last year.

Now watch

Don’t you wish you had this much free time.
Or enough time to stuff like these retro-futuristic lamps by New York lighting and furniture designer Art Donovan. Just imagine what you would have to do to the rest of the house so it didn’t look silly. It’s never the cost it’s always the upkeep.

Bruce Sterling over at Wired has spotted a new techo thriller by Jon Evans ( I have liked a lot of hios other stuff).
“Danielle Leaf thinks she’s helping out a friend on an innocent errand-until she’s abducted, imprisoned in remote rural India and swept up in a secret war between anti- corporate activists and a trans-national mining company. After a daring escape, she is drawn into a dizzying world of shadowy computer hackers and mysterious benefactors intent on exposing the truth. But as Danielle finds herself on the run, she discovers that both sides of this war are willing to kill for their cause-and to hide their secrets. ”
I am not going to be able to finish at the moment so let me know what you think?


This week at Duggup. Jools wrote about Jero, he is a 26 year old black dude from Pittsburg in the USA and he is sing old school Japanese pop songs. Weird as.. Me, I was still on the Americana kick but it’s getting a bit strange.. Scott Andrews, Try Me Bicycle (who are amazing) and Andrew Calhoun would be good ones from the last week. Head over and check it out.


Flash Game Time: Have a big weekend? A tad brain dead? Well stick with last weeks game, this week it’s a bit busier. It’s a side scrolling game where you use the both the keyboard and mouse, much in the same way that first person shooters do.

You play the the hero, Dirk and your gig is to infiltrate Lord Battenberg’s steam fortress, and destroy it.

The control scheme includes the typical movement buttons including jump, but then you use the mouse for aiming your weapon. Dirk is equipped with a chain shooter that kills enemies, but it also allows him to build short bridges out of the chain between specific types of platforms.

Good gameplay and a vague steampunk theme. well I was hooked. There aren’t instructions, you get them as the game progresses, you can stop at specific points to get more information, making the learning curve very comfortable yet giving the game the ability to introduce more depth as you continue. This game appears to have hours of content so if you’re looking for something a little more engaging that you can come back to again and again, check it out.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


{Currently listening to Eurovision }
{Currently reading: John Brunner’s Stand On Zanzibar and the MySql manual}
{Quick Status Check: Hell. Russia won???}
{Crop Circle Status: So far, only 4 for May. It’s off to a slow start, it will pick up. I hope. }

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