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I had some interesting email during the week from one or two readers,Yes I did forget to put the game in . I was sick, that’s my excuse and I am sticking with it. Seriously I discovered a couple of Big Country fans, surprised the hell out of me. Anyway time for some sillies.


Over at Magnatune (one of my favourite sources of left of centre music) is a short documentary about Creative Commons Business Models.

Frances Pinter and David Percy have made an excellent documentary film about business models in the publishing world that use Creative Commons licenses.

“Frances has been heading a CC-based publishing project in Africa. It is the Publishing and Alternative Licensing Model of Africa (PALM Africa), is based in Uganda, and South Africa, and she tells me the Ugunda project is going especially well. She also tells me she’ll be soon expanding this idea into other publishing spheres, which is very exciting.”

The whole 30 minute doco is at Google video


One of my favourite pieces of film in the “gratuitous use of speed” dept would have to be the famous car chase scene from Steve McQueen’s Bullit (was it really 1968???). A dude over at Seero has mapped the video to a GPS track onto Google Maps. This is so much fun.


Blame Dept. take it up with Jools.

“MMI coming up. Love, Jools ”


” Ah gee what can I say – thought it might be geeky, but it was actually well done.

Love, Jools ”


Walter Jon Williams is nifty little science fiction writer. Two of his stories are “Days Of Atonement” and the “Hardwired” (one of his cyberpunk jobs). Anyway Night Shade Books has posted to their website the complete text of Williams’ Nebula Award-winning novella “The Green Leopard Plague.” And you can find a couple of his other works at


Duggup continues it’s bumpy journey through the world’s bands and music. Jools discovered “Ulytau” who are a prog rock band from Kazakhstan,just amazing. Me? I was captivated by Katie Dill, a singer/songwriter who has a nice line in gentle almost folk songs. Head over to and have a listen.


Flash Game Dept: Yeah yeah I forgot last week. So this week’s entry in the fine art of placation is

“The Several Journeys of Reemus”. Some of you will find it reminiscent of old Lucasarts games like Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, and Sam and Max. There is a minimalist point-and-click interface that lacks the obvious verbs like “Use,” “Look,” and “Pick Up.”

So we have Reemus and his cute purple-bear sidekick Liam. Reemus, an insect exterminator, is summoned by the local boozer to rid the place of ants before the prince and his bride-to-be arrive (god these things get sillier and sillier). Your mission is to get Reemus and Liam out of each puzzle, and you have to interact with the environment to find a way out. The game is a bit brief (assuming you get through some of the puzzles), but it’s entertaining and can be rather out there.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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