Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080721


Still busy so straight in this week.

Congratulations Phil and Keith, so sorry we couldn’t have been there.
Jools and I want pictures.

Now on with the sillies


Michael Cross is a bridge builder. or a man with delusions. or a man with a vision.

From his website.

“I wanted to walk across the water to the middle of a lake, so I saw that I would need a new kind of bridge and I decided to make one. The Bridge would be made of steps that would rise from the water as you walked across them, and disappear back underneath behind you. I wanted to make the whole thing mechanical (no extra electrics or hydraulics) so that the person walking on it would power it, their footfall on each step raising the next.”

This looks so amazing, I am pretty sure he is actually a man with a vision and I hope he gets to install it permanently in a lake somewhere.


Over on the Worth1000 photoshopping website, the current contest is Star Wars meets fine art. Some of these are just priceless.

The Vitruvian Wookie broke me up. I think it’s time to get my good taste chip adjusted.


Mythbusters, is there a scarier word in the English language? Well if you are in the States, the lads are having yet another (their third) at the Archimedes melting the navy myth and they need volunteers to help out. About 350 of them to be precise and why? You will be a mirror wrangler.

I spotted this at Make magazine

And my hand is so up in the air, going pick me, pick me.

Sadly the commute is a killer.


Jools spotted this one, it’s titled “I Met The Walrus”

“The interview is a little trite but the film making is cool.
Love, Jools “


The latest copy of Edge is up and there is a great story by George Dyson in it. Here is the intro from Stewart Brand

“How does one come to a new understanding? The standard essay or paper makes a discursive argument, decorated with analogies, to persuade the reader to arrive at the new insight.

The same thing can be accomplished-perhaps more agreeably, perhaps more persuasively-with a piece of fiction that shows what would drive a character to come to the new understanding. Tell us a story!

This George Dyson gem couldn’t find a publisher in a fiction venue because it’s too technical, and technical publications (including Wired) won’t run it because it’s fiction. Shame on them. Edge to the rescue. “

The rest of the issue is pretty cool as well. Don’t miss the interview with Steve Pinker.


Duggup was a lot of fun this week. Let’s face it though I always have a ton of fun with it. Two Scottish indie bands, an acoustic duo playing guitars. very very well and Allison Crowe a Canadian who should not be missed. Jools pick this week was a band called Lydia,they are amazingly good. Head over to


Flash Game Dept: Impediments to Productivity is a the name at the top and it’s Monday so lets bring capitalism to it’s knees (unless you happen to be one of my clients in which case this one is blocked at the firewall.. Just kidding). We haven’t had a “Go into strange new lands, meet strange new creatures and chop them to shreds” for a
while. So lets go meet Dragon Fable. Those of you out there with an Adventure Quest account will recognize this straight away, there is one crucial difference though. You can actually login and play on this one.

The deal is simple, create an account, login, create a character ( I am currently a rogue) and then go on a quest and chop everything to shreds, get the gold and kill an hour.

This is a perfect game for your lunch break.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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