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Sorry about the distracted entry last week, but seeing 2001 again was just amazing. The funny thing was that it wasn’t as long as I remember. Even with the original start and intermission music.  I think SBS should be applauded for putting the full thing to air.

On a totally different thought, My Friend Ian (the infamous MFI) has been writing some amazing poems and stuff for his segment on the JVG Radio Method. He goes to air on 3RRR every Sunday at around 2:15 pm.  Jon gives him a theme and he has a week to write a piece from scratch.

A few weeks back he did a piece on the theme “Open”. It is a great piece, heavy, but worth it.

Every so often (read rarely) he gets to do a song, back at the start of the month he did “Jesus Of Hollywood”, it’s just Ian , his guitar and Ed bBates on slide. A very cool performance.
That’s enough about him, let’s get started shall we.

Jools spotted this one…

It’s another of the incredibly convoluted and complicated “Rube Goldberg” machines. This is the best one I have seen for a while.

Ted Talks: Jonathan Harris (no NOT the one from Lost In Space) wants to make sense of the emotional world of the Web. With deep compassion for the human condition, his projects troll the Internet to find out what we’re all feeling and looking for

Why you should listen to him:
Brooklyn-based artist Jonathan Harris’ work celebrates the world’s diversity even as it illustrates the universal concerns of its occupants. His computer programs scour the Internet for unfiltered content, which his beautiful interfaces then organize to create coherence from the chaos.

His projects are both intensely personal (the “We Feel Fine” project, made with Sep Kanvar, which scans the world’s blogs to collect snapshots of the writers’ feelings) and entirely global (the new “Universe,” which turns current events into constellations of words). But their effect is the same — to show off a world that resonates with shared emotions, concerns, problems, triumphs and troubles.

Who knew this was out there?

Also from TED is violinist Natalie MacMaster and TED Musical Director Thomas Dolby playing Dolby’s original song “Blue Is a River” in this ethereal duet — with a little dancing.

We covered Natalie in duggup last year. see

Anyway, this performance is a heartbreaker, I have no idea how she gets those sounds from the fiddle but they just blow me away.

The things you do. A bunch of sailors on the USS Shiloh made a Star Wars fan film.

‘Star Wars Episode 67: The Seeds of Betrayal’ is a story of two Sailors who handle a misunderstanding the only reasonable way…by having a saber fight throughout and around the ship. It took them about 5 months to shoot and edit, and it’s a hoot.
{insert head shaking here}

A recent Edge has an amazing article entitled OF GENITAL THIEVES: The exploration of economic irrationality by Andrian Kreye

Here’s the guff…

“It was one of those watershed moments in science at which you would like to have been present. Last summer in Sonoma, three generations behavioral economists convened at a Master Class run by the Edge Foundation…If you are interested in getting your head around the current global economic meltdown, read through the transcript of this master class once more this autumn. You may not find direct answers, but you will certainly find elements of an explanation.”

The rest of the edition is pretty cool as well.

duggup had a really fab week. This week’s finds include “Pearl and The Puppets (the band from the Vodafone ad), Death Vessel who AREN’T a heavy metal band but are bloody good and a Polish celtic band called “Danar”. Stroll over to and have a look.

Flash Game Time: Today’s game will require skill, dexterity, patience, wisdom, at least two keyboards ( the second one is for when the first “mysteriously “is destroyed err. Ok, you smash the first one… trust me) and best of all.

Jools get’s the BLAME… take it up with her, she found it.

Have a good one.

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