Zoom 20090531 – Doodle

Fender FR50
Fender FR50

Here is number 2 in my “dilettantes with toys” Sunday morning recordings.

It’s funny I started out with a totally different idea this morning and the bloody thing mutated into this.

As an idea, I would have to say it’s about half formed, when I listened to the playback I could hear a whole bunch of ideas that needed to be explored but sadly not today.

Here is a refresher on the  ground rules.

  • Wake up on a Sunday morning
  • Turn on Zoom H4
  • Tune guitar
  • Start stop watch.
    I now have 60 minutes to record a tune using nothing more than the Zoom and the guitar.
    No drop ins on a track, only the processing that is built into in the Zoom and only 4 tracks, no bouncing down tracks
  • Now play lots (the clock is ticking)

At the end upload the finished MP3 to the website and link it to the impediments post.

Elapsed time not to be greater than one hour.

In the words of Jeremy Clarkson “How hard can it be?”

Well as it turns out… you can hear today’s piece here

The things you can do with a Zoom H4 dept

I’m not finished with this,  I will come back to it in a couple of weeks and see if we can put some polish on it.

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  1. This one is great Thatch. Lovely and contemplative with a spurt of joy in the middle.

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