Zoom 20090503: For Jools

Fender FR50
Fender FR50

As I mentioned I have a new guitar, and showing you a picture of it , while all well and good on the “Oooh. Shiny” meter. Well lets face it, you really need to know what it sounds like and ooh shiny just isn’t a good enough description.

So I recorded me playing a little something I was messing with in D(?).

Now here are the ground rules. A while back I was having a long email conversation  with Bill ( I have mentioned him before http://billcanty.com ) about things he could do to get his music heard. The short version is

  • Wake up on a Sunday morning
  • Turn on Zoom H4
  • Tune guitar
  • Start stop watch.
    I now have 60 minutes to record a tune using nothing more than the Zoom and the guitar.
    No dropins on a track, only the processing that is built into in the Zoom and only 4 tracks, no bouncing down tracks
  • Now play lots (the clock is ticking)

At the end upload the finished MP3 to the website and link it to the impediments post.

Elapsed time not to be greater than 60minutes.

In the words of Jeremy Clarkson “How hard can it be?”

Well as it turns out… you can hear today’s first attempt at this here

The things you can do with a Zoom H4 dept
“For Jools”

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  1. Hey Thatch maybe you could include a guitar riff with Ooh Shiny on the legendary (or should that be mythical) Parking Space album.

  2. oooooooo – very shiny 🙂 Looks like you’re heading into Country territory.

  3. Wash your mouth out John. Ooh I feel like I should go and wash my hands.

    Country music indeed.

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