Jools bought me an iPad

Once again the annual “Thatch is ignoring his birthday” rolled around like clockwork (damn you Isaac Newton), but this year Jools had plans (insert scary music here), big plans. Jools had decided that I didn’t have enough toys (seriously. Isn’t she wonderful.) and that what I needed was an iPad 2.

Now the truth be told I didn’t think I “needed” an iPad, it was more like the whole world had iPads and I was quite happy (well I thought I was …) reading my books and mail on my iPhone (silly me).

But here is the big problem with the iPad.

Once you have one it is really, really, really hard to not use it. And anyone who tries to take it away will be involved in a major struggle. I personally think that these things are harder to give up than caffeine (and/or cigarettes).

So first up these things are not “productivity tools”, I don’t care what anyone says. If it’s more involved than a tweet, a quick reply to an email or an appointment update. I am grabbing my laptop.

What these things are great at is “consumption”. Listen to music- check, watch a movie or a missed tv episode – check (isn’t the ABC’s iView wonderful?), Listen to music- check, reading e-books – check ( and this is the main thing I use it for) and emails as mentioned earlier. Did I mention Listen to music????

Everything was rolling along fine until I discovered that Korg had released a Kaos pad app (yep it’s all downhill from here)



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