Tales of A Zoom H4n – Madison Violet – Portarlington

It’s been 4 years since their last trip to Australia and Madison Violet have finally returned. AND to top it off they are playing at Harvester Moon, quite a no-brainer really, a quick phone call to Dominic and we had a table booked. Woohoo.

Lisa and Brenley are just wonderful musicians and generous performers. I wrote up their 2008 show @HarmonyRow and how much fun the night was. This time their two brackets covered a lot of material from their two new albums (well new since their last visit) and a selection of older songs, (they played Haight Ashbury -yaaay)

For this post, I am putting up two tracks.

First up is a song called Home from their new album. Good In Goodbye ( I left Brenley’s intro in)

But my favourite moment of the night is their performance of the album’s title track. Good in Goodbye. This is totally acoustic, Lisa and Brenley unplugged, put aside the mics, stepped to the front of the stage and literally blew the room away, two voices fiddle and Brenley’s awesome tenor reso guitar. It was stunning.

If you get a chance don’t miss them.

Also special mention to Dominic and his awesome team @ HarvesterMoon,  they are brilliant.

ZoomH4nBoring Tech Stuff:
The Zoom H4n recorded in Stereo @ 44.1kHz/16 bit. It was sitting in a pocket on my backpack and just pointed at the stage.

We were about 2.m back from the stage (first table). The room is a long skinny room with the PA above our heads.


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