Reality Hacking

Well today we can talk about Reality Hacking. This group/person/hive collective I stumbled over some years ago in 1999 with “Cattle Scrabble“, they painted white letters on 65 cows. There is a whole bunch of other stuff they do. Check out the Permission Denied link. Sick puppies… really sick puppies.

Parasitic Power Shoes Project

Some of you have passed some thoughts about the Yesterdays Post (Car Pipe Organs). Now for those of you who were less than generous. Check this out.

The Parasitic Power Shoes Project (thanks to the hackaday team for pointing this site out)

As the power requirements for microelectronics continue decreasing, environmental energy sources can begin to replace batteries in certain wearable subsystems. In this spirit, this effort has examined devices that can be built into a shoe, (where excess energy is readily harvested) and used for generating electrical power “parasitically” while walking. Two of these are piezoelectric in nature: a
unimorph strip made from piezoceramic composite material and a stave made from a multilayer laminate of PVDF foil. The third is a shoe-mounted rotary magnetic generator, an early version of which is currently exhibited at the London Museum of Science and Industry. As a self-powered application example, a system had been built around the piezoelectric shoes that periodically broadcasts a 12-bit digital RFID as the bearer walks.

And then there are the rest of the projects

Car Pipe Organ Orchestra’s are looking pretty tame now by comparison