Zoom 20090531 – Doodle

Here is number 2 in my “dilettantes with toys” Sunday morning recordings. It’s funny I started out with a totally different idea this morning and the bloody thing mutated into this. As an idea, I would have to say it’s about half formed, when I listened to the playback I could hear a whole bunch… Read more »

Zoom 20090503: For Jools

As I mentioned I have a new guitar, and showing you a picture of it , while all well and good on the “Oooh. Shiny” meter. Well lets face it, you really need to know what it sounds like and ooh shiny just isn’t a good enough description. So I recorded me playing a little… Read more »

Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20090420

Hi, What do you mean it’s past Easter, the last time I looked it was Christmas, bugger. Well after a longer (much much longer) than planned hiatus, Impediments is back. Well back with a quick one at least. What you thought I’d given up? Sorry, it’s just the usual life impeding Impediments stuff. It all… Read more »

Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20081201

Hi, OK, it’s December and that means that Christmas is now officially looming. Yes, I know that they have been selling Chrissy stuff on tele since Easter (remember only 130 days to get your chocolate eggs), but me I like to wait until December. Last year I waited until the week before Christmas to send… Read more »

Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20081124

Hi, Sorry about the distracted entry last week, but seeing 2001 again was just amazing. The funny thing was that it wasn’t as long as I remember. Even with the original start and intermission music.  I think SBS should be applauded for putting the full thing to air. On a totally different thought, My Friend… Read more »