Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080915


Ah yes, just when you think you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it turns out to be the headlights of a truck heading at you at high speed. Ever wonder how a bunny feels when it props in the middle of the highway. I don’t anymore.

Yesterday we spent a large chunk of the day attempting to “interface” with the public health system (and to all those politicians out there who are dragging there bums on the health issue might I suggest you go and sit in a casualty ward on a Saturday morning for a few hours. then fix it)

Entertaining? ‘Fraid not. See as I dashed out I forgot my MP3 player. Yes that was the ‘tremor in the force’ you felt early yesterday morning as I opened my bag and discovered that it was still on my bench charging. Bloody technology.

Time (as they say) passes and currently I am sitting in sitting in the Lomond Hotel waiting for MFI (the infamous My Friend Ian) to start playing. With luck I will have few tracks for you to listen to next week.

Next week is looking up, Kavisha Mazella is playing Monday night in Northcote and Jools and I are having our productivity impeded by strolling along and having a listen. We might have a little something extra for you to check out next week, we shall see how it goes.

So to sum up the week a lot of waiting. In the meantime, you’ve waited long enough, on with the sillies…

First a bit of housekeeping. To everyone who sent me a copy of ” HOW TO HANDLE IRRITATING SEATMATES ON AN AIRPLANE” (and the 30+ of you know who you are) thank you. But as I have pointed out if it hasn’t got a weblink I cant use it. And after the 17th arrival it probably wasn’t funny.

{it’s obviously my week to practices being a curmudgeon (in training)}

TED Talk of the week: Brewster Kahle is building a truly huge digital library (Internet Archive) — every book ever published, every movie ever released, all the strata of web history … It’s all free to the public — unless someone else gets to it first.

I use the Internet Archive to chase up recordings of obscure live bands and just love it. There is enough stuff here to Impede Productivity from now until doomsday. An amazing resource. (read extraordinary timesoak)

Arachnophobes move along, there is nothing you want to see here. For the rest of you, “Play With Spider” is the creepiest piece of software I have seen in a while (and that includes the horror that is Vista). I am not really a fan of spiders at the best of time but I am a fan of silly time wasters and this sucked up a lot of time.

Basically, it’s a piece of flash eyecandy(?) where you lay out bugs for a spider to eat. The spider is creepily realistic. At one stage I was flicking between monitors and forgot that it was there, needless to say when I went back to the monitor it was interesting moment. The word gross kept popping into my mind.

Fabulously well done but .. Well have a look for your self.

And while we are the subject of more than two legs, Jools spotted this and sent this one along

“This made me laugh. Thought it would make a fine Impediment. (It worked for me)

Love, Jools  “

It cracked me write up.

Remember those refrigerator magnets you had when you were a kid ( or in my case last year) that were all letters? Letters is same idea except for two bits.

One: it’s played in a browser and
Two: Instead of just you playing with the letters you have to share with whoever else is logged in.

When I tried it there were about a dozen or so people in there and 12 people sharing letters and some of them had less than safe for work vocabularies. Stroll along and raise the tone.

Over at IndieMuse, David has posted “Feist On Sesame Street”. Feist performed with the Muppets on the show (I want a penguin), this song has a melody that will not leave you alone. Have a look at

Absolutely priceless.

It’s time for our “Duggup was a lot of fun this week” bit. Jools was flatout busy with other stuff this week and I spent the week bouncing between guitar & voice folk bands and experimental post rock bands.

My favourite this week was either “Lowry” or “Because Of Ghosts”. Some weeks it’s just to way too hard to choose, head over to  have a listen and let me know what you think.

Flash Game Dept: Impediments to Productivity is a the name at the top and it’s Monday so lets bring capitalism to it’s knees (unless you happen to be one of my clients in which case this one is blocked at the firewall.. Just kidding).

Last week I mentioned Runescape. Here is an email response from Fran R


Long time no talk! Still enjoy the Monday emails.

Just a note re Runescape, it is REALLY REALLY REALLY popular with the kids (were talking Primary School 8 yo up) and there are a lot of players out there that do unscrupulous things on this game, dishonesty runs riot, kids trust is played on more often than you would like to see in this sort of thing. Thank god my son has now tired of this game it is a very worthy of impediment status and extremely addictive.


Fran “

Thanks for that Fran, so from this we learn that there are a lot of unscrupulous 8 year olds out there taking advantage of poor innocent office workers just trying to kill a Monday morning and that you really should be careful out there.

This week is going to be seriously old school for two reasons

a: I’m slack

b: There isn’t a person on this list who doesn’t know how to play this one. Which means I wont have to write up explanations (see a)

Well that’s enough for this week.

Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080908


I have been spending a lot of time downloading TED talks video’s to my iPod touch, to be honest this was an unexpected bonus when I bought the new MP3 player. For ages I have wondered who wants to watch video on a tiny little screen. turns out it was me.

I have talked about TED before but every week they have something new or I find something I missed. Here are a couple that caught my ear/eye /imagination/all of the above.

Let’s start with Clifford Stoll. Clifford Stoll captivates his audience with a wildly energetic sprinkling of anecdotes, observations, asides — and even a science experiment. After all, by his own definition, he’s a scientist: “Once I do something, I want to do something else.”
(Hmmm that sounds familiar. Clifford is like the Duracell Bunny on speed, the ideas just keep coming at a mile a minute.)

Peter Diamandis says it’s our moral imperative to keep exploring space — and he talks about how, with the X Prize and other incentives, we’re going to do just that.

and let’s finish with some irony. Peter Hirshberg shares some crucial lessons from Silicon Valley and explains why the web is so much more than “better TV. ”

I think that when the Crop Circle Season finishes I will put a Ted Talk of the week down in the bottom section.

So the iPod Touch is working out for me, there is something really weird about sitting on a tram and watching Evelyn Glennie talking about music. Oh look the future arrived, and it’s pretty damn cool.

I have managed to work around most of iTunes’ annoyances (although I pressed a button today and erased all the video’s I had been watching. Moral? Don’t press that button in iTunes) ad I found a couple of alternatives that seem to work OK as well. It still doesn’t talk to my netbook.

On with the sillies.
Quilts meet Science. You all know I have an abiding fascination in handmade quilts well here is a new take on the idea. Beverly St. Clair has originated a way of encoding genetic information in quilt designs.

Here is what she had to say
“My idea for genome quilts grew from the juxtaposition of two experiences at Wesleyan University in November 2001. First I viewed an exhibit of work by Anni Albers, an artist I have admired for many years. The show included her serigraphs of triangles arranged in a grid. I was struck by their similarity to quilt patterns. The next day I attended a lecture about the Human Genome Project and was impressed by the beautiful shapes of the proteins illustrated and the interesting patterns made by the microarrays. I realized that I could use a simple quilt block to represent each of the four bases in DNA: cytosine, guanine, adenine, and thymine. A square bisected into a light and dark triangle is rotated in four orientations to resemble the letters C, G, A, and T. These blocks are placed in sequences determined by the base sequence, so one can read the genetic code by looking at the quilt. The colour and fabric choices influence the overall design. The quilts are visually pleasing, with their strong colours and seemingly traditional design, but they hide and reveal an entirely other construct of information.”

I have to admit to being really intrigued with the idea of having a quilt done that has my DNA as the basis for it. Have a look, they are gorgeous.

Jools sent me this one
Tool are a metal band (yes I know, but I like metal) and they wrote this amazingly pretentious piece called Lateralus (yes I know but I like pretentious too).

Lyrically this song is strongly based on the Fibonacci numbers. Another unique (read really really really annoying) thing is the time signatures of the chorus also change from 9/8 to 8/8 then 7/8. Watch the video and you will get the idea. The drummer in this band is amazing.

It’s time for our “Duggup was a lot of fun this week” bit. Jools wrote up “Sarah Eden Davis” and “Hakan Jorming”. Both are really interesting acts especially Hakan Jorming. My favourite this week was a toss up between “Ginja Roe” and “Extra Golden”, Ginja Roe get by on points I think. They remind me of Mad Violet, head over to have a listen and let me know what you think.
Flash Game Dept: Impediments to Productivity is a the name at the top and it’s Monday so lets bring capitalism to it’s knees (unless you happen to be one of my clients in which case this one is blocked at the firewall.. Just kidding).

I cant believe I haven’t mentioned Runescape before. RuneScape bills itself as a MORPG (massive online role playing game), For those of you thinking WoW. forget it. Runescape runs in a tiny window in your browser and you don’t have to load any software to play (make sure your Java is reasonably up to date). And if you’re thinking Hmmm maybe it’s pretty? It’s not. The graphics are just barely better than a Commodore 64 anfd there is a lot of reading and clicking to continue.

But, let’s face it, we are here to waste time, and this will fill the bill nicely. It isn’t exactly fast, so you can definitely keep it running while you are doing other things. The weird part is that I have had it running in a spare screen and it’s a hoot. Over to you.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080824


So how was your week? Mine managed to keep me entertained.

My favourite quote this week came from an interview between Wired and Derek Sivers (the ex owner of CD-Baby).

Wired asked him the question: “What is the most broken aspect of the music business?”

Sivers answer? “The disconnect between the music, as a final product, and the musician, as a person going through an ongoing creative process.

There are plenty of millionaires who would pay millions to hang a Van Gogh painting on the wall, but hardly one that would have ever had the crazy nut over for dinner. I feel like the big companies are like that with musicians. They’ll say, “We love music! It’s all about the music!” — but if a musician shows up at the door, they call security. ”

Absolutely priceless. Well I think so.

The interview is at

Derek’s Blog is at


This is my favourite thing for the whole week though. My views on copyright are pretty well known but this is just a glorius hack of a bad law.

Here is the background.

If you want to register a song at GEMA (RIAA, ASCAP of Germany) you have to fill in a form for each sample you use, even the tiniest bit (No fair use provisions over there). On 12 Sept 08, German Avantgarde musician Johannes Kreidler will -as a live performance event-register a short musical work that contains 70,200 quotations with GEMA using 70,200 forms.

The legal specialist in the video says that usage must be licensed even if the fragment is too small to be identified. That’s like saying that, if I print out some Escher images and recycle them into a new sheet of paper, then I need a license to exhibit that sheet of paper. I really really really hope some one challenges GEMA to prove unlicensed usage – I so want to see them attribute one single waveform cycle to the original song. As one blogger wrote a “bureaucratic comedy” of monster proportions.


Let’s do BLAME.

Kalene C really deserves it for this contribution.

“I am not sure if this was spotted by your crop- circle detection. It is from 2004 perhaps your security filter was set a little too high for this

and then followed up with this one


I found something that truly made me feel inadequate as a crafter.

I can’t even knit with my fingers with very fat yarn that i spun myself, So unfair! So upsetting!

Kalene ”

And Jools found this

“A couple from Bosnia & Herzegovina turned a Volkswagen Beetle, into a wooden sculpture. Incredible work, and it even runs. ”

Love, Jools

but her highlight was

“Oh yes, someone having way too much fun. MMI alert. San Fransico Tourism apparently. I’d go there.

Love, Jools

Bloody typical, Melbourne gets Fashion Week and San Francisco get Star Wars ships.

What do you mean it’s fake?

I saw it on YouTube. they never fib. Do They?


Speaking of not real, check out Emily. Jools also spotted this one and talk about mind blowing.

To quote the Times article.

“She is considered to be one of the first animations to have leapt a long-standing barrier known as ‘uncanny valley’ – which refers to the perception that animation looks less realistic as it approaches human likeness.

Researchers at a Californian company which makes computer-generated imagery for Hollywood films started with a video of an employee talking. They then broke down down the facial movements down into dozens of smaller movements, each of which was given a ‘control system’. ”

Read the article and check out the video. Damn my reality just got even more confused.


Given my rant about the turkey that was the last Star Wars movie, Craig H sent in this


Star Wars in ANSCI. Bought to you by Star Wars fans with way too much time on their hands (is there any other type of Star Wars fan?)

From Start|Run in Windows type this address and enter:


Regards, Craig”

Gotta say, it’s a better story than “The Birth of Asthma Man”. Does this class as CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)?


A yummy new edition of Edge is out.

Clay Shirky in one article pursuing his ideas on “social software” entitled “GIN, TELEVISION, AND COGNITIVE SURPLUS”. Shirky is on of those people who drive you crazy for about a week after you read his stuff and then you have this “Aha” moment read some more and then repeat the process. Good stuff

Also in this issue, John Pareles’ (one of my favourite music journalists) NYT article on David Byrne and Brian Eno’ new collaboration, “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today”. Their followup album to 1981’s “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts”. 27 years. talk about “the difficult second album”. Must be a record {sorry}.

By the way NPR has a podcast at which has some of the music. It really sounds even better than Ghosts.


It’s the “Duggup was a lot of fun this week” bit. Jools covered Regina Spektor and Concert TV. I was really taken with “king tebbutt & whistler” and “Moving Hearts”. RTE had some live concert audio of them and it was wonderful. Head over to


Flash Game Dept: Impediments to Productivity is a the name at the top and it’s Monday so lets bring capitalism to it’s knees (unless you happen to be one of my clients in which case this one is blocked at the firewall.. Just kidding).

By now you will have worked out that I am a fan of science and I find it depressing when all the shows on the tele always have the technician came out yelling “the experiment was a failure” when quite obviously it was a success because you they have just proved that one part of their hypothesis is provably wrong. BUT the rest of it is untested. Failure can be a good thing. “Fantastic Contraption” this weeks Flash game will allow you to prove that for yourself.

This games goal is really quite simple: Don’t go crazy, no wait that’s not it. try this one. Assemble your contraption in the work area (the light blue box) and propel the pink wheel into the pink box. You get a small selection of components – wheels, a water-drive rod, and sticks. Using these bits you pretend you have somehow acquired MacGyver’s genes assemble them into some brilliant contraption, solve the puzzle, soak up the crowds adulation and then move onto the next level and do it again!

If you register it allows you to create and save levels, and you’re given given a url that links directly to your creation so you can frustrate your friends. Unfortunately, playing other user’s saved games requires a $10 registration fee, but you’ll have plenty of fun playing the free levels.

Trust Me. (thanks to those of you who sent this one along)

Well that’s enough for this week. Hopefully there will be a more reliable publishing schedule in the weeks to come. Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080818


We’re back, well sort of. The madness continues but it is slowly getting under control. Anyway today’s Impediment is coming to you courtesy of Channel Ten showing the first Star Wars III (The Birth of Asthma man. It’s alive, alive I tell you).And a shiny new bottle of Oban Single Malt, and after watching the turgid piece of dross that George Lucas foisted on us, it was sorely needed.

Well that’s how last weeks update started, BUT as you may have spotted. it didn’t arrive (What do you mean “Who Noticed”). It seems that the database security (we do try and keep the men in black hats out you know) was turned up a notch to high and it prevented the mail from leaving the building. Gotta love technology. By the time I discovered that it hadn’t gone it was to late to catch Monday so I let it go until this week.

Over at O’Reilly Digital Media is an article by David Battino. He is a musician a writer and I have been reading his stuff for ages. Last week he had an article that I found fascinating

“When half your population can’t read, the spoken word becomes crucial. The Literacy Bridge project is designing a portable voice recorder that third-world populations can use to share news, history, and educational texts. In addition to recording and playing back audio, the Talking Book Device (hardware specs PDF) has buttons for basic interactivity – think quizzes and branching. Furthermore, two devices can be connected via USB, allowing peer-to-peer or kiosk-based file transfer.”

There is a lot more to the article and the links that run from it. It made for an interesting week of head games that weren’t computer related.

While we are on the subject of Audio, here is audio pron for geeks. A casual rather than technical walkthrough of some microphones you are likely to encounter in any professional recording studio, and how to get the most out of them when the time comes (yeah, right like some one is going to give me a Neumann and expect to get it back). Comes with eye-candy!

AND a last audio thingy, I have been seduced by the darkside (insert asthma noises here). After two years of sterling service I have retired my 4G Sansa MP3 player and gone out and bought an iPod Touch. There are long involved technical reasons for the change (they are known as rationalisations) but the short bit is that it’s a really lovely toy. I love the multitouch interface, it sounds good, the web interface is just amazing BUT (you knew there would be one) I have to say the iTunes software is just crap.

I have been using foobar2000 to load the old MP3 player up and it was the proverbial doodle. There was a folder I kept all the duggup stuff in and every week I would add and delete stuff to the folder and the software would do it’s thing and just deal with it. Every Monday I wiould have new songs ready to go and it was seamless. I haven’t figured out how to do the same thing with iTunes.

But the way that iTunes handles podcasts is well worth putting up with all the crap. Fresh music from NPR every day. Yummy.

So enough about my toys lets get on with the show.


The new issue of Smithsonian includes a concise interview with avant-garde multimediatrix Laurie Anderson. In it, Anderson talks about pop music, her tenure as NASA’s artist-in-residence, Andy Warhol, and some odd jobs she took just for the experience. From Smithsonian:

You’ve also worked at McDonald’s?

Yeah. I began to think, “How can I escape this trap of just experiencing what I expect?” I decided maybe I would just try to put myself in places where I don’t know what to do, what to say, or how to act. So, I did things like working at McDonald’s and on an Amish farm, which had no technology whatsoever.

It’s a great read.

Jools found this

“MI (more impedimentia) material right here. Hee Hee Hee
Love, Jools ”

My favourite was the dude in the mirror. Yes they are all American

BUT then there’s this one.

Cops in Oldham, UK broke into the wrong house while searching for a fugitive; rather than leaving an official note or apology after smashing in the door, they used the magnetic letters on the fridge to spell out OLDHAM TASK FORCE CALLED.


Marshall McLuhan is one of the most inspiring resources for making sense of media and what’s happening to it. His books and writings offer a wealth of insights into the media transformation and changes we are witnessing now, over 30 years after he described and anticipated them. I still remember reading his stuff in the late Sixties and early Seventies and going “Wow”.

On July 22nd, Cory Doctorow spoke at the inaugural Cambridge Business Lecture. This relates to the previous item as a wonderful example of the sort of changes that McLuhan was talking about. Cory gives a fantastic, wide-ranging and quick-fire talk, he talks about copyright, why DRM is doomed, piracy, and much more.

This site is worth bookmarking and popping back every so often


NPR has been recording music from the Newport Folk Festival and I have been listening to chunks of it as it becomes available. One of my favourite concerts so far has been Steve Earle and to quote

“Right from the beginning, Steve Earle channeled the spirit of Woody Guthrie, noting that we need him now more than ever. Out of all the artists at the Newport Folk Festival, Earle’s invocation is the most appropriate – he certainly would have fit in well at the festival’s inception. Here, he stood solo with an acoustic guitar, singing about downtrodden American characters and a desperate need for change.”

He also does the best version of Taneytown I have heard him do. Bloody brilliant

The podcast is available at

And yes this probably could have been a duggup piece but who ever said I was consistent.


Which segues nicely into the “Duggup was a lot of fun this week” bit. Let’s face it though I always have a ton of fun with it. Two Scottish indie bands, an acoustic duo playing guitars. very very well and Allison Crowe, a Canadian who should not be missed. Jools pick this week was a band called Lyduia, they are amazingly good. Head over to


Flash Game Dept: Impediments to Productivity is a the name at the top and it’s Monday so lets bring capitalism to it’s knees (unless you happen to be one of my clients in which case this one is blocked at the firewall.. Just kidding).

Totem Destroyer is a fun little Flash-based physics game that is one part Indiana Jones, and one part knockout.

The game play is simple; click on blocks to destroy them, while ensuring that the golden idol never touches the ground. There are three types of blocks: brown, green, and black. Brown blocks can be destroyed. The green ones are both bouncier than the brown ones, and have less friction, and they too can be destroyed. The black ones cannot be destroyed (bummer).

Each level starts with the idol balanced precariously on a stack of blocks, and your goal is to destroy the prescribed number of blocks without breaking the idol. There are 25 levels of mostly increasing difficulty, so this time waster should last you through your coffee break and part of your lunch break.

Well that’s enough for this week. Hopefully there will be a more reliable publishing schedule in the weeks to come. Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080721


Still busy so straight in this week.

Congratulations Phil and Keith, so sorry we couldn’t have been there.
Jools and I want pictures.

Now on with the sillies


Michael Cross is a bridge builder. or a man with delusions. or a man with a vision.

From his website.

“I wanted to walk across the water to the middle of a lake, so I saw that I would need a new kind of bridge and I decided to make one. The Bridge would be made of steps that would rise from the water as you walked across them, and disappear back underneath behind you. I wanted to make the whole thing mechanical (no extra electrics or hydraulics) so that the person walking on it would power it, their footfall on each step raising the next.”

This looks so amazing, I am pretty sure he is actually a man with a vision and I hope he gets to install it permanently in a lake somewhere.


Over on the Worth1000 photoshopping website, the current contest is Star Wars meets fine art. Some of these are just priceless.

The Vitruvian Wookie broke me up. I think it’s time to get my good taste chip adjusted.


Mythbusters, is there a scarier word in the English language? Well if you are in the States, the lads are having yet another (their third) at the Archimedes melting the navy myth and they need volunteers to help out. About 350 of them to be precise and why? You will be a mirror wrangler.

I spotted this at Make magazine

And my hand is so up in the air, going pick me, pick me.

Sadly the commute is a killer.


Jools spotted this one, it’s titled “I Met The Walrus”

“The interview is a little trite but the film making is cool.
Love, Jools “


The latest copy of Edge is up and there is a great story by George Dyson in it. Here is the intro from Stewart Brand

“How does one come to a new understanding? The standard essay or paper makes a discursive argument, decorated with analogies, to persuade the reader to arrive at the new insight.

The same thing can be accomplished-perhaps more agreeably, perhaps more persuasively-with a piece of fiction that shows what would drive a character to come to the new understanding. Tell us a story!

This George Dyson gem couldn’t find a publisher in a fiction venue because it’s too technical, and technical publications (including Wired) won’t run it because it’s fiction. Shame on them. Edge to the rescue. “

The rest of the issue is pretty cool as well. Don’t miss the interview with Steve Pinker.


Duggup was a lot of fun this week. Let’s face it though I always have a ton of fun with it. Two Scottish indie bands, an acoustic duo playing guitars. very very well and Allison Crowe a Canadian who should not be missed. Jools pick this week was a band called Lydia,they are amazingly good. Head over to


Flash Game Dept: Impediments to Productivity is a the name at the top and it’s Monday so lets bring capitalism to it’s knees (unless you happen to be one of my clients in which case this one is blocked at the firewall.. Just kidding). We haven’t had a “Go into strange new lands, meet strange new creatures and chop them to shreds” for a
while. So lets go meet Dragon Fable. Those of you out there with an Adventure Quest account will recognize this straight away, there is one crucial difference though. You can actually login and play on this one.

The deal is simple, create an account, login, create a character ( I am currently a rogue) and then go on a quest and chop everything to shreds, get the gold and kill an hour.

This is a perfect game for your lunch break.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080714


Straight in this week…

Ok we have all seen a demonstration of non-Newtonian goo (e.g., cornstarch and water) before, I covered this a while back, have a look at to jog your memory. Now someone has put together cornstarch paste and a subwoofer. don’t you wish you had thought of doing it. I know I do.

Here –
And here


Bob Geldof wrote “I Don’t Like Mondays” he also wrote a truly wonderful piece in the Daily Telegraph last week. He really is a good writer. And still angry. It’s good to see.


This one swiped a ton of time recently, I was trying to work out how they did some of it and of course make pretty pictures. I haven’t seen one of these for a while now and this program is really well done. What the hell am I talking about? Wasting time of course. Click here and have a nice Monday


Jools found this clip and I seriously expect to see a spate of these as the Olympics get closer.


Duggup was a lot of fun this week. Let’s face it though it always is. Jools spotted Dan Sultan on the ABC Sunday Arts show and I covered Charlie Parr (the Vodafone ad with the blues singer in the background). Head over to


Flash Game Dept:

Todays game is from Jools.

“Possible MMI material. I have the reflexes to compete with the worlds best but I either under or over shoot the pit lane – yeh right.

Love, Jools ”

I took one look at it, and of course it’s Impedimentia. We wont go into my score but do read the “How To Play” bits, helpful beyond belief.

One last piece of silliness… Bomomo is a web-based drawing software that you can use to blow the day and quite probably the week. You are given a bunch of visual tools, that you can freely use to draw anything that you have in mind a create your work of art, which you can later save locally in PNG or JPG format. Free to use, no registration needed.

This thing is just way too much fun.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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