Leave Our Gigs Alone

Jools and I went to see Ian and The Lamington Drive Orchestra (and yes this is the infamous MFI Ian for those of you who came in late). Needless to say I  had my bag of toys with us and for once all our tech worked. This is one of those priceless moments where you… Read more »

Password Exporter

Oh Dear… More Firefox zealotry. Following up on I sent you WHAT!!, today lets look at the reverse, How do you move your passwords, to a different PC. The answer (assuming you are using Firefox… and of course you all are) is a Firefox extension called Password Exporter. This nifty little extension allows you to… Read more »

The Final Frontier

Newsflash: We’re going to die. Now if even Arthur Dent can figure it out in the first Hitchhikers book, why is “snuffing it” such a taboo subject? I dont know about the rest of you, but have you ever noticed that whenever the conversation even approximates heading towards the topic of “terminal”, every one twitches.… Read more »


Every year in the States there is a four day conference held in the States called TED ( technology – entertainment – design). It’s Go to this link and it will explain the rationale behind TED far far better than I can. But the really cool thing is that they are posting 15 minute plus… Read more »

Websites that changed the world

The Observer has a list of Websites that changed the world, I must admit that I am not really surprised to find Thatchspace there but some of the choices seem odd. A lot of the usual suspects were there, Yahoo, Google, ebay, Amazon, slashdot and at number 11 was salon.com, a site that I read… Read more »