I sent you WHAT???

A friend of mine has had one of those embarrassing little gotchas… he used a “public” computer and either didn’t log off from his yahoo account or the machine just remembered ALL the passwords it ever has had typed into it. Either way, an email was sent from his account and even though the content… Read more »

The Canary Project

I was walking along the street yesterday and looking at some of the gardens and couldn’t help but notice that the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom and there are a lot of daffodils around. Very pretty BUT very scary folks. It’s the middle of August in Melbourne we are supposed to be freezing… Read more »

GMail Bits II

It seems that Gmail is nearing the end of it’s long journey out of BETA testing according to Mitchell Bingemann at PC World Seethe article at PC World – News – Gmail parties in Australia without invitation Australian and New Zealand residents are the first in the world to be able sign up for Gmail… Read more »

Performancing for Firefox.

Last year when I started writing this blog on a daily basis, I wrote a post on JustBlogIt, a tool I have used up until a month ago. For various reasons I replaced it after reading about Performancing. Which is what this is now being written with. Performancing for Firefox is a WYSIWYG blogging extension… Read more »

BBC Reith Lectures 2006 – In the Beginning was Sound

In the Beginning was Sound (well it is called the Big Bang) St John said, “In the beginning was the word”, while Goethe claimed that, “In the beginning was the deed”. But Daniel Barenboim contends that In the beginning was sound. This year the BBC Radio – Reith Lectures were given by Daniel Barenboim Shall… Read more »


Following the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on Boxing Day in 2004, the open source community of Sri Lanka got together to develop a disaster management system in three weeks, spearheaded by the Lanka Software Foundation, a FOSS R&D non-profit organization in Sri Lanka, with contributions from about 80 volunteer developers. Sahana is the resulting… Read more »