Tourist Remover

OK this made me laugh, don’t get me wrong, it appears to work and I having been a traveller I know what it’s like trying to get a photo of “just the view” and not the view AND the other 200 people walking in front of you. So the ability to remove moving objects such… Read more »

Mozart’s Melody Machine

I have been fascinated with stochastic composition methods for a long time, there are some wonderful ideas and theories that I have seen or thought up over the years and it appears I am not alone. This comes from an article entitled Math Trek: Mozart’s Melody Machine by Ivars Peterson at Science News Online The… Read more »

RIP Syd Barrett

By now you will probably have heard that Pink Floyd’s legendary founder, Syd Barrett has died at his Cambridgeshire home. Here is a quote from the New Music Express… The singer, 60, who suffered from an LSD-induced breakdown while at the peak of his career in the Sixties, died last Friday (July 7). It has… Read more »

Nasa – Solid Rocket Booster Video

This is amazing. NASA engineers attached a camera to one of the Solid Rocket Boosters during last week’s shuttle launch. I believe that this is the first time they have ever done this. It is a rather interesting perspective of the launch! If the link doesn’t work, just go to and look for… Read more »

Alert: We are talking about alerts

As some of you will know I am one of a trio of contributors over at the Duggup blog. The rationale is basically “live music isn’t dead… YET”. Anyway, running this new site is producing some amazing results. Not the least of which is, I wrote a post about an Italian musician last Sunday and… Read more »

Hidden data in Microsoft Word documents

It must have been the week for it. The most popular support question I had last week (other than the perennial “How do I make my machine go faster?”) is about the Track Changes settings in Word. CNET had an article back in January 2006 entitled Editing tips from the NSA (National Spooks Academy?)… Read more »