Real World Studios Remixed Competition

Real World Studios started out as Peter Gabriel’s “home studio” and then like all good toys, grew like topsy. The studio has recorded (apart from Peter Gabriel’s works) , AfroCelt and Flook and a ton of other artists as well. They are celebrating twenty years of Real World Studios by making available a sample pack;… Read more »

A Not To Do List

A Not-To-Do List Today is the day you start your project. Wake up. Make your coffee. Sit down. Get to work. Now, it should be that simple. Wake up and get to work. But there are many distractions. Mental and otherwise. So this is NOT a to-do list. This is a not-to-do list. You don’t… Read more »

Che, Jim, Andy and Silkscreening

Way back in the late Sixties I picked up a number of useful skills. AND they had nothing to do with computers. Apart from tie dying which was messy and great fun, I learnt how to silkscreen tshirts and posters. Now you have to remember that desktop publishing hasn’t been invented yet, and neither has… Read more »

Australia, atoms and nuclear accidents

John Howard recently announced that Australia ( that’s the former democracy) is going to go nuclear. Now, he assures us that this decision will be thoroughly investigated. Pity it’s a decision already rather than a discussion. The Austrlian Green’s media release yesterday claims that Prime Minister John Howard wants to shut out the Australian public… Read more »

55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

If you are like me you use Google a dozen or more times a day. But do you know about say, the Google Snake Game? How about Googledromes? Memecodes? Googlesport? The Google Calculator? Googlepark and Google Weddings? and then there’s Google hacking, fighting and rhyming? Well neither did I, but Philipp Lenssen (the author of… Read more »

Brunswick Music Festival: Lunny & Irvine

The Brunswick Music Festival sent me one of their “keeping in touch: emails the other day which was good because it prompted me to jot some notes down about the concert we went to back in March ( Hey, I’ve been busy). Here is a belated review. The Date: Thursday 30th March The Place: Mechanics… Read more »