Alert: We are talking about alerts

As some of you will know I am one of a trio of contributors over at the Duggup blog. The rationale is basically “live music isn’t dead… YET”. Anyway, running this new site is producing some amazing results. Not the least of which is, I wrote a post about an Italian musician last Sunday and… Read more »

Hidden data in Microsoft Word documents

It must have been the week for it. The most popular support question I had last week (other than the perennial “How do I make my machine go faster?”) is about the Track Changes settings in Word. CNET had an article back in January 2006 entitled Editing tips from the NSA (National Spooks Academy?)… Read more »

Che, Jim, Andy and Silkscreening

Way back in the late Sixties I picked up a number of useful skills. AND they had nothing to do with computers. Apart from tie dying which was messy and great fun, I learnt how to silkscreen tshirts and posters. Now you have to remember that desktop publishing hasn’t been invented yet, and neither has… Read more »

Australia, atoms and nuclear accidents

John Howard recently announced that Australia ( that’s the former democracy) is going to go nuclear. Now, he assures us that this decision will be thoroughly investigated. Pity it’s a decision already rather than a discussion. The Austrlian Green’s media release yesterday claims that Prime Minister John Howard wants to shut out the Australian public… Read more »

Your Taxes At Work

So this is how the Australian government is going to take us back to the future. According to the ABC News Online Families to receive free Internet filter. The Federal Government has announced it will provide every Australian family with a free Internet filter to block pornography. The plan is part of a new package,… Read more »

A Disposable Email Address Service

Do you hate it to receive spam emails in your private email account? Or my personal pet hate, the registering to use a free account to demo a webservice that you probably aren’t going to use again. Well, offers a free temporary email and disposable email address service to get around this annoyance. A… Read more »