The Pentagon and Social Network

OK. This is weird. On the one hand the RIAA/MPAA want alll the social networks shut down because people MIGHT use them to share stuff. And they are bankrolling lobbyists all over the world to make this stuff happen. On the other hand, New Scientist has an article entitled Pentagon sets its sights on social… Read more »

Things and Everyware

It’s winter, the tele is full of sport, why not read something. Here are two good places to start with. First off, I just found this speech given by Bruce Sterling at Emerging Technology 2006 back in March. Its at the The Viridian Design Movement: Viridian Note 00459. What’s viridian? well according to WIkipedia it’s… Read more »

2006 Cereal Sightings

What is going on? Here we are halfway through May and all we have is one pathetic little attempt reported yesterday and there isn’t a decent crop circle reporting anywhere. Don’t believe me head over to Crop Circle Connectors 2006 Crop Circles page and check out the depressing NO CIRCLES REPORTED sign. Personally I think… Read more »

Delete your History in Windows

Every so often I get asked how to hide where you went today on the PC. There are a variety of good reasons. If I use a net-cafe I always flush the cache and history before I finish my session (just cause your paranoid doesn’t mean the nasties aren’t out there). Any way WikiHow has… Read more »

Everyone Wants Your PC

There was a song by Tears for Fears called “Everybody wants to Rule the World” ( you can have a listen over at lastfm) But Wired News has an article Bruce Schneier called Everyone Wants to ‘Own’ Your PC which tries to document the battle raging on your computer right now. The one that pits… Read more »

Arson Squad Blows Up News Rack, Tom Cruise Movie to Blame

This was pointed out by a post over at Schneier on Security Arson Squad Blows Up News Rack, Tom Cruise Movie to Blame SANTA CLARITA, Ca. A newspaper promotion for Tom Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible III” movie was off to an explosive start when a California arson squad blew up a news rack, thinking it contained… Read more »