Time Management for Anarchists

I stumbled across this article while looking for a new organiser (dont ask) some weeks back and loved the title.

The post Time Management for Anarchists is by Jim Munroe. He’s a novelist who left HarperCollins to showcase and propagate indie press alternatives to Rupert Murdoch-style consolidation.

It is a great article and the points he makes about getting “organised” you will find fairly universal.

Jools works out of a paper diary, I keep my act together with an Ipaq ( a nice shiny new one that Jools bought me).

There are a bunch of DIY media resources also available at the site.

Change your USB drive letter

You know the problem, you walk up to a PC and plug in the USB key and it does the little dance ( a few pop up ballons and stuff) and then tells you “Your Drive is ready for use”. You open My Computer and it’s not there.

The computer lied. Well yes and no

You see there is probably a mapped drive letter sitting on top of your key and it won.

Here is the Microsoft Technote

How to change drive letter assignments in Windows XP
How to assign a drive letter
To assign a drive letter to a drive, a partition, or a volume, follow these steps:
1. Log on as Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group.
2. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Performance and Maintenance.

Note If you do not see Performance and Maintenance, go to step 3. Performance and Maintenance appears in Control Panel only if you use Category view. If you use Classic view, Performance and Maintenance does not appear.
3. Click Administrative Tools, double-click Computer Management, and then click Disk Management in the left pane.
4. Right-click the drive, the partition, the logical drive, or the volume that you want to assign a drive letter to, and then click Change Drive Letter and Paths.
5. Click Add.
6. Click Assign the following drive letter if it is not already selected, and then either accept the default drive letter or click the drive letter that you want to use.
7. Click OK.
The drive letter is assigned to the drive, to the partition, or to the volume that you specified, and then that drive letter appears in the appropriate drive, partition, or volume in the Disk Management tool.

Here is a slightly quicker version

RIGHT CLICK on My Computer , click on MANAGE
Click on Disk Management in the left pane.

Follow the above instructions from 4 onwards.
If you aren’t sure about which letter to change it to Use Y or W if they are available.

Be careful you are playing with live ammunition.

More Privacy Software made easy.

I have to tell you I love this one. Free software LockNote allows you to write, save, and automatically encrypt and decrypt the notes you write from a stand-alone, no-installation-necessary program.

You can hide your serial numbers, passwords, phone numbers and everyday notes on a USB key safe place. Your informations will be encrypted using a password and most modern AES 256bit encryption technology.

LockNote works in a very cool way – each time you save a LockNote, it saves as document and application all-in-one. You can easily convert text files you already have by dragging them into LockNote. Each time you create a LockNote, you set a new password and you’re good to go. It’s a very simple and lightweight way to encrypt your data and notes. Sadly Windows only.Steganos. Privacy Software made easy.… how about the Linux version guys?

There are lots of encryption programs out there. There are lots of ways to hide your notes too. But fSekrit is also a little application that will take text, encrypt it, and wrap it up into a neat little file that you can run off a USB drive (or whatever). Again the program IS the file, and the developer has had to get around that little Windows limitation: an exe can’t save to itself. But it does work. More importantly, your data is pretty secure, as fSekrit uses 256-bit AES encryption. That’s not to say you are completely invisible though, as the app is still vulnerable to keyloggers, and a couple of very unlikely instances. But when you view your data, the text is only in RAM, so there is practically no drive footprint (except the exe, which no one is likely to penetrate).

I prefer Locknote but have a play and make up your own mind.

Create disposable email addresses with Firefox

Here’s the deal. You need to supply an email address to get access to a site or download some stuff or whatever. Now you know and I know t hat 30seconds after typing the address in that the spam is going to come rolling in along with your download.

So rather than create yet another hotmail/yahoo/google address to bear the brunt of this onslaught. Why not Create disposable email addresses – Add Features to Mozilla Software
This service is supplied by the rather nifty TrashMail. They are a Free temporary email forwarder(?)

If you insist on using that other browser you can do it manually.
Create a new email address on trashmail.net.
All mails to this address will be forwarded to your real email address for a number of times you can set up on the following form.
When the limit is reached, the Trashmail.net email address will be automatically deleted.
All following mails (like spam, newsletter, etc) will be rejected at Trashmail.net.

Very cool and very handy.

Sri Lanka changing address on the spritual plane

And you thought it was tough in Melbourne with the time changes wrought by the Commonwealh Games ( remember them? They were a week or so back. Didn’t think so.) Have a look at the fun and games in Sri Lanka. The BBC has a headline entitled Time to end Sri Lanka time split?

Here is a little quote…

Sri Lanka is a country divided not just by war, but also by time. Officially the country is six hours ahead of GMT. But in Tamil Tiger controlled areas, the time difference is five and a half hours ahead of GMT, the same as in India. Now that may change.

So over in the blue corner, we have have Buddhist monks complaining that the time changes have upset the “spiritual plane” and that was why they got creamed by the tsunami. Seriously. If they change the time it moves them 500 miles on the spiritual plane and pesumably the tsunami goes sailing by to take out Africa. Now correct me if I am wrong but I thought that Buddhism held that this whole existence thing was an illusion and that was what caused the suffering. So time is an illusion (just check my diary) and it doesn’t really matter where you park on the spiritual plane. I suspect that The Venerable Gnanawimala just want’s to have a lie in on the weekend.

And in the red corner we have Arthur C Clarke (check out his tshirt) writing to newspapers over there saying “it is foolish to return to a time zone half an hour out of step with GMT”.

“We should be in line with the rest of the world,” he argues. “It’s very inconvenient if we’re not.

“If you’re trying to make international calls and you don’t know quite what the time is, it’s very inconvenient to you and to the person at the other end.”

and in the green corner we have the Tamils, and I don’t know what they think of it. Amused perhaps?

Ahh welll… time will tell. {Sorry, I couldn’t resist}

The writing’s off the wall

This is from the Guardian…

The biggest loser of the Commonwealth games, says graffiti artist Banksy, is Melbourne’s street art scene – and London could be next for the whitewash… here is the story Guardian Unlimited Arts – The writing on the wall

Melbourne is the proud capital of street painting with stencils. Its large, colonial-era walls and labyrinth of back alleys drip with graffiti that is more diverse and original than any other city in the world. Well, that was until a few weeks ago, when preparations for the Commonwealth games brought a tidal wave of grey paint, obliterating years of unique and vibrant culture overnight.

I don’t know why he’s suprised, this is a town that doesn’t know how to deal with public art unless it’s Chloe. Back in 2002 in an interview with the the Age, Ron Robertson-Swann claimed Melbourne “had grown up a bit” in it’s appreciation of public art.
Ron Robertson-Swann is the sculptor who created “Vault” otherwise known as “the Yellow Peril”. Now this is a bloke who knows how well Melbourne handles this issue.

The article also notes that

“The City of Melbourne plans to spend $350,000 a year on public art in the next five years. “

It’s a pity that the State Government decided to spend a couple of million wiping public art out. Ironically rather than deal with the works they already have on the walls and buildings they are funding a “Young Artists Showcase” to bring fresh talent to Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games. I rather like

“Innovative, engaging and entertaining works will crop up in unexpected places – along Elizabeth Street and on the Republic Tower, across Melbourne’s city streets and urban spaces,” Ms Delahunty said.


“The Bracks Government is committed to providing more opportunities for our artists and audiences.”

Yeah, right.

I also note in the papers this week. That Kim Beasley wants to throw up a national internet firewall around Australia (to protect the kiddies) and John Howard is banning a video game where street art is a component. It’s all getting rather depressing.

It seems it doesn’t matter who we get in power it’s going to be back to the 50’s.

A NATIONAL blockade against internet pornography and violence is now a possibility after the Communications Minister, Helen Coonan, showed signs of buckling to backbench demands for action on this issue.