Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080519


Once again a real quickie this week. It’s one of those weird periods of time where everything needs to happen at once. I wont bore you with the details, it’s all tech crap anyway. By the way if you haven’t checked them out whip over to Ian’s site (yep MFI hisself) and listen to his weekly poem. Yesterdays was a beauty. In the meantime here is your meager assortment of sillies.

This is an amazing stop motion video, the technique and content, impedimentia indeed. Made from paintings on public walls, sidewalks, and other spaces, it follows a creature as it undergoes a mindbending series of transformations, the paintings interact with their surfaces – a trompe d’oeil brick falls out of a wall, pieces of paper are snatched with a froglike tongue, and hiding places are found in the corners of crumbling walls.
Jools spooted this piece about people hacking their scooters..
“My fav is the “Skywave” in black. It sizzles.
Love, Jools ”

I really like the green one.

I’m sorry but this had me entertained for way longer than it should have (and no this has nothing to do with it being a short one this week). Once it fires up click on one of the white circled letters to get some music (F is good) and then play the keyboard to . well you’ll get the idea. The Blame is all mine on this puppy

The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It is a presentation Harvard Law School professor Jonathan Zittrain gave at Princeton near the end of March.

He begins by covering early 20th century “sterile” technology like tabulation machines that were rented by the census bureau. The machines didn’t encourage any sort of innovation. Next he talks about “generative” technology like the internet and modern operating systems where anyone can build whatever they want. The final step is the more recent move to what he calls “tethered” technology. These are the systems with upgradeable firmware where devices can ship with unfinished features and remove features after the consumer has already purchased the device. He uses the iPhone as an example of this walled garden that could hurt innovation. You can watch the video at YouTube

Spotted over at Hack A Day

This week at Duggup. Jools wrote about Jackson Browne (which got me off the hook. I didn’t even know where to start writing). Me, I was on an Americana kick with “Bowerbirds” who are fabulous and Laura Gibson who is equally fab but for different reasons. But the pick of the week would be “The Black Keys”, trust me.
Head over and check it out.


Flash Game Time: Have a big weekend? A tad brain dead? Well have I got a gane for you, today’s offering has virtually no learning curve, it’s simple and mindless. Perfect right?

The goal of the game (OK let’s be real generous and call it a goal) is to keep your sphere alive in a world of red and blue bars that horizontally scroll across the screen and accumulate as many points as possible. Easy Peasy. Keep bouncing on bars of one color, you can build a combo, big points score for that one. Fail a jump and your score is reset and you get to do it some more with almost no delay. You can influence the jump and movement of your ball with the directional keys, allowing you to aim for bars of your chosen color. You can also “double jump” in mid air, letting you stretch some jumps to get where you want. The game comes in two modes, normal and extreme, but start with extreme it’s definitely better, since the bars disappear after you jump on them and hostile flying triangles will make it more interesting (that’s the Chinese proverb interesting).

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080512


Over in the current Edge is a link to THE NEW YORKER piece by Malcolm Gladwell titled “Who Says Big Ideas Are Rare?”

Now long time readers will know that I am intrigued by this topic, back in 2005
and in 2006 I played with the idea (sorry).

Malcolm Gladwell has written a killer story about how nearly all the major inventions or scientific or mathematical discoveries came from multiple, entirely independent people at almost exactly the same time. It’s as though everyone knows what’s going on at the same time. As the article points out, it is rarely about “genius,” but more that all of the previous work in the field naturally leads everyone to the same place. The one thing that the article misses (ironically), Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures (which is an idea factory) is only one of many idea factories that exist and of course the keyp point.
Ideas are easy, execution is hard. A good read and thought provoking as hell.


Also been having an interesting time reading Max Kieslers piece on Relational Music Discovery over at

Now I have played with one or two of these over the years and have always been impressed with the idea and disappointed with the returns not showing what are to me, essential links. The basic idea behind this method of music search is enter a genre, artist, or song. The program then returns music that relates to your search item Most of these programs present the information as a graphic with a bunch of links that show how the songs relate to each other. The problem is that if you enter say Jeff Buckley, they rarely if show links to Leonard Cohen and John Cale which to my mind would be essential.

Do have a look and if you want one to start with I would go with
Turn off Classics and Turn on Discovery, click on Dark and see where it takes you. Great fun. I got Epica (who I hadn’t heard before) and Incubus. think of it as a musical version of “Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans” from the Harry Potter Books. Sometimes you get Ice Cream, sometimes you get earwax.

Lets do the real sillies.

OK, do you remember the Simpsons episode where Homer sets up a drinking bird to press the “Cancel” button. Well, over at Kitty Clarks’ blog I found this.

“Here are 8 Dipping ducks (a.k.a happy birds, drinking birds…) and their respective drinking glasses are wired up to the 8 notes of a modified keyboard. Each time a duck tips down and touches the water to ‘drink’ the circuit is completed and a sound is produced. Being thermodynamic, the ducks continue to produce random compositions depending on temperature.”

It amused me. but then it would, wouldn’t it.


Jools spotted this next one, The Zurich Chamber Orchestra came up with an amazing video combining sheet music, a roller coaster and fab tag line.

“Great ad, you may be able to use it.
Love, Jools ”


The Sheep Are Not What They Seem Dept: Now you know what you can do with all those old phone handsets and cables. This is one of those bits of sculpture that makes me wonder about how some people think. I wonder if they ring or go Baa?


Over at the Wooster Collective, which as a rule is a place you are more likely to find Jools than me (So many sites, so little time) is a piece on artist Henk Hofstra who has installed sunny-side up egg sculptures in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. The “Art Eggcident” will remain in the city square for the next six months. We get the big budgie and they get the eggs.


Which brings us to Duggup. Jools is having a bit of an “Idol” moment. Ray LaMontagne and Kurt Nilsen were her picks this week , the Kurt Nilsen is a real shock. Me, I was writing up “Alesa Lajana”, fab guitairst and “The Dark Romantics” who have taken up residence on the MP3 player. Head over and check it out.


Flash Game Time: Today’s offering is well named, “The Rather Difficult Font Game” tests your ability to recognize typefaces by showing you a piece of text and then four font names. Your job is to correctly choose the correct typeface. OK this is probably a tad obscure but I know a few of you out there who don’t normally play the game will have a ball with this.

OK so that’s to obscure for some of you. how about The Beard, it’s a hoot you can lose in nothing flat, have a ball doing it and still keep pressing restart. Here’s the deal, you are a knight fighting a giant floating head with a beard in a side-scrolling environment. The “Beard” has a number of moves that you have to dodge as you try to get close and take a swing at him with your plunger (yes a plunger) or magic bolts. As you get hits you also get experience, which cause you to power up and score better weapons.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080505

This was a good week, I enjoyed myself at Bland’s gig last night. It was a good show with a killer band (needed more guitar. but that would be me).

Ubuntu released 8.04 and I installed it on my laptop. It went on like a dream. No fuss at all, yes I know I get my jollies in strange ways.

Lets do the real sillies.

Some “Blame” items from the Inbox.
This gem from Keith W..
“I just love this article.  A spa for tired teddies………………..
Luv & stuff
Keith ”

As an aside here.. The ZZ Plural Z Alpha Douglas Adams fan club raises funds by selling “Beeblebears,” two-headed, three-eyed, three-armed teddy bears fashioned in the likeness of Zaphod Beeblebrox.  just thought I would share that with you, continuing on with Blame

This from Jools.
“This is inspirational and it is my pick for this week’s Impedimentia!
Love, Jools  ”
This is just seriously funny.

I spotted this one in the Make blog, and it just messed with the weird part of my head. Jay of the The Plug tied a disposable camera to a bus stop bench and attached a sign that read
“Good afternoon,
I attached this camera to the bench so you could take pictures. Seriously. So have fun. I’ll be back later this evening to pick it up.
Love, Jay / The Plug ”

He came back that night and astoundingly the camera was still there, the whole roll of film had been used up and some of the pictures are cute. I really want to give this a go some time.

Also via Make is the “Walking Bike”, you will recognize this from innumerable cartoons that you saw growing up. It’s a pity that it doesn’t seem to work as well as it looks.

Over at The Guardian, Cory Doctrow wrote a piece titled “How to stop your inbox exploding”.
He wrote “I’ve spent more than a decade tinkering with my email workflow, perfecting it so that I can manage whatever life throws at me through my inbox. I’ve come up with a few tips and hacks that never fail to surprise and delight my friends and colleagues when I show them off, and here they are, for the record”
Now I know this is called “Impediments To Productivity” and I can see some of you wondering why I would be putting something like this here. Well if email isn’t your biggest impediment to productivity then you probably should try just a little bit harder.

Seriously though it was a good read

Nina Katchadourian is an artist who repairs spider webs with thread. They look cool, but it seems the tenants didn’t like her makeovers.
“The morning after the first patch job, I discovered a pile of red threads lying on the ground below the web. At first I assumed the wind had blown them out; on closer inspection it became clear that the spider had repaired the web to perfect condition using its own methods, throwing the threads out in the process. My repairs were always rejected by the spider and discarded, usually during the course of the night, even in webs which looked abandoned. The larger, more complicated patches where the threads were held together with glue often retained their form after being thrown out, although in a somewhat “wilted” condition without the rest of the web to suspend and stretch them.”
Weird but interesting
Synchronicity alert, I just had to evict a large huntsmen from the bedroom where it was annoying Jools.

Silly Noises Dept. Andre Michelle has created a Flash drum machine, I have a ball playing with this while waiting on phone lines, it ‘s a great waste of time.
“FL909 attempts to simulate the original sound of the Roland TR-909. This drumcomputer hits the market 1984 and was a long time the state of art in house and techno productions.”

Which brings us to Duggup.  Jools posted Texas basnd “Black Angels”. Me, I was writing up “Explosions In The Sky” and “Bodies Of Water”. Both of whom are in residence on the MP3 player
Head over and check it out.

Flash Game Time: Today’s impedimentia is called R.O.B.O.T.  It is basically a defense game and a survival game mashup, you use both manual movement and shooting with turretsto get through a level.

The deal is you are a robot defending a pile of junk and dirt, or getting attacked on top of it, however you like to think of it. As you kill enemies and progress through waves, you are able to buy upgrades for you plasma gun (your primary means of disposal), your treads, a placeable (and enhanceable) turret, as well as your shields, armor, and an EMP shockwave for use against heavily shielded enemies. The degree of difficultie increases with more enemies coming in all shapes and sizes and attack styles, which keeps things well busy.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080428


Well the server upgrades are finally coming to an end (yes I know I said that a fortnight ago; but it looks like it’s true this time). SPAM is really the bane of my existence, our mail server here is getting slammed with about 4500 a day and it just keeps rising.

But on a good note, as I mentioned last time Ian (of MFI fame) has finally released his solo CD, there are some great songs on it, even if my marac solo ended up on the cutting room floor (I’m not bitter). Any way Ian is launching the CD here in Melbourne on May 3rd at the Clifton Hill Hotel. Head over and have a listen to the samples he has there and grab a ticket or two (don’t dally).

I really am looking forward to this one, he has managed to put together a bloody huge band (just short of a dozen people I believe) and it is going to be a good night

Lets do the real sillies.

Continuing on from the “Numb3rs” bit form last time, Kalene C sent in this little snippet for the “Blame file”. The Institute For Figuring is a website where maths, craft and environmental activism (amongst other things) intersect

The New York Times covered their environmental version of the AIDS quilt. It’s meant to draw attention to how rising temperatures and pollution are destroying the reefs, by crocheting a coral reef: a woolly celebration of the intersection of higher geometry and feminine handicraft, and a testimony to the disappearing wonders of the marine world.

Kalene actually caught the exhibition when she was in Chicago a few months back.

Six Maasai warriors ran in the London Marathon today. 24-year-old Isaya Maasai, is their chief, and you can read his diary at the Guardian website.

“The horses that go around were amazing and we couldn’t believe how fast. We rode a real horse for the first time too. It is amazing that people can talk to them, tell them where to go and they do it. I miss meat and blood very much. Not vegetables because they are food for a woman. There is milk here but blood is better because it gives energy. English tea with sugar is good and we tried Coco Pops, but the nicest food is croissants.”

My favourite line is “The marathon is easy. There are no lions” now that’s motivation. That and the fact that they were running to make money so that they can drill a water for their village.

We haven’t done cats for a while, Laughing Squid have a video of a cat playing a theremin (see cat’s and music) and as a bonus there is a second video of a cat playing WITH a theremin. I know how he feels. Insert Midsomer Murders theme here…

A Cat Playing the Theremin

Dead Tree Story: Over at Eos Books, they have two stories from THE NEW SPACE OPERA, edited by Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan, that are up for the Hugo Award. The stories are “Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359?” by Ken Macleod and “Glory” by Greg Egan. I really liked the Greg Egan.

Cory Doctrow has posted the first instalment of a podcast at He’s reading a novella that he wrote with Benjamin Rosenbaum. The story’s a big, 32,000-word piece called “True Names” and it involves the galactic wars between vast, post-Singularity intelligences that are competing to corner the universe’s supply of computation before the heat-death of the universe. Weird but fun.

Duggup has been fun was the usual madhouse. Jools posted “New Buffalo” and “Young And Restless” both are interesting Aussie acts. Me, I have been having fun with the “The Really Terrible Orchestra” and a ton of indie bands, head over and check out say “the august”.

Flash Game Time: Today’s impedimentia is called Launchball, it’s comes to us courtesy of the Science Museum in London. The game uses a common premise: coax a ball into a goal. The objects you can use to accomplish this task though are based generally on electricity, magnetism, and mechanics. There are basic shapes like “ski jumps” and ramps, but there are also batteries and steam generators (which also require a water tank and fire) to power magnets and fans. There are switches, springs, cushions, and rubber blocks. Each level provides you with a certain set and quantity of objects to help you get the ball in the goal (not all objects need to be used though).

Trust me, take a few seconds and create a free account, you’ll be emailed a code so that you can login at a later time and resume where you left off. Otherwise you have to play through all of the levels each time. There are three main categories of levels: tricky, sneaky, and crafty.

I had so much fun with this.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080414


Still plowing through the silliness of server upgrades. At least it’s nearly done. I am looking forward to a few days to catch my breath. As I mentioned last week Ian (of MFI fame) has finally released his solo CD (No Jack for thse of you who know him), there are some great songs on it, even if my marac solo ended up on the cutting room floor. IT had to be just one marac as a pair of maracas would have trashed the budget. just kidding. Actually I played a small piece of guitar on one track and it really was the one that didn’t make the cut.

Any way Ian is launching the CD here in Melbourne on May 3rd at the Clifton Hill Hotel, tickets are starting to move so I suggest that you head over to his site and
A: Have a listen to the samples he has there
B: Pick up a ticket or two
C: Buy me a drink on the night (this one is optional)

Ross: I will get you a trophy, a small one and have it shipped to you.
Finn: I will get an explanation of what the hell an impediment is.

Lets do the real sillies.

As some of you will be aware I am a fan of “Numb3rs” (big surprise huh?) The idea of a show based on the premise that you can solve a crime in 20 minutes using a laptop is so preposterous I just love it.
This ad is brilliant,
If you haven’t seen the show, you really should watch it. Well I think you should, here is a sample of the show where they rave about game theory.

Staying with the numbers theme for a minute, I found this one. Felix Jung has writen pi10k. It converts the first 10,000 numbers in pi to musical notes. You determine which notes correspond to each integer by clicking on an on screen piano keyboard. This is weird (even for me) in a Terry Riley minimalist way. and they supply the Key of C as a preset (sorry obscure music joke).

And let’s leave the last word to Jools

“Yes, yes . Now where do you think you are going – this is an impedimentia after all.
Love, Jools “

I actually did this some years ago when I programmed my old mobile phone to play Layla, now I just use a recording from the concert last year. Sometimes progress is good.

Actually let’s work through some more pieces of “Blame”.

Bill C sent this item along
Take it up with him.

Jools also sent this one along

“This is an animation about optical illusions. I think it would make a good MMI
Love, Jools
P.S. The soundtrack is a band called Tiamat from Sweden. Check duggup”

Craig H sent along this scurrilous piece of slander..

“A killer of a quiz. I’d like to see an Australian version – “Now where do I know that face from? Was it Snowtown or Pretentia???” “

Pretentia indeed, the lawyers will be chatting with you during the week.

And finally Kalene C sent along “Craft Skills Gone To Waste”

I love the super Mario- on this link towards the bottom. “

Take it with the respective people. I’m innocent (well it sounds better if you all don’t snort derisively), not believable. just better.

Dead Tree Story: Futurismic has published Leonard Richardson’s story called “Mallory” and this one has got everything. Seriously – geek hackers and classic arcade games, electronic Darwinism and domestic espionage, venture capital and Silicon Valleyish start-ups . and a healthy dose of intellectual property panic. Futurismic also point out for the benefit of the easily-offended that there’s a generous sprinkling of profanity in “Mallory”, right from the outset.

Not put off? Click on the link and away you go. If you need a hint, think “Snow Crash” and then turn left and head for the horizon.

MALLORY by Leonard Richardson

Audio Book: This week StarshipSofa ( which I highly recommend) has a great little story by Ted Chiang called “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate” The MP3 is at

and as a bonus for you dead tree types and you know who you are, there is a text version here.

Duggup was the usual madhouse. Jools posted “Tiamat” who are a really classy “Goth Metal” band. Me, I was writing up “Ghost Orchid”, “Weinland” (who you shouldn’t miss) and “The Raveonettes” (who surprised me by being fabulous). Head over and check it out.

Flash Game Time: Today’s impedimentia is a triumph of elegance and minimalism. It’s called Nanotube, and the really cool thing is that all you need are two keys to play it. Here’s the deal. we have a circle that has partially coloured blocks, and using the directional keys, you can manipulate and spin the colours around the circle, much like you would move the paddle in Pong. As coloured balls come towards the circle from the center, you attempt to block them with the appropriately coloured block. If you succeed in doing this, you will get points, if you don’t, you are toast. So if you survive, you move onto the next level (it gets harder, trust me). Enough talk, click the link.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20080407


We’re back. Ross got the bonus points for correctly identifying the quote last week.

Song: The Pretender / Album:The Pretender / Performer: Jackson Browne.

One thing I will say about the work I have been doing for the last week or two, it’s been entertaining. Well actually the people I have been meeting has been nifty. I seem to attract musicians and audio nuts. Cool huh?

One of the tools I found last week that was cute was take it with a grain of salt but it will at least give you an idea how your internet connection is running.

Lets do the real sillies…

Mur Lafferty has released her book “Heaven” as a podcast. Here is the hype.

“What if Heaven wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Friends Kate and Daniel find that after their untimely deaths, Heaven leaves them dissatisfied and itching for something… else. So they’re off, with a passport to discover more afterlifes, heroes and gods. During their adventures, they find out that their travel isn’t a journey taken on a whim, but may be orchestrated, or even prophesied.”

This is a ripper story and you can get all the parts if you want all at once. Dog Heaven in Part 5 was a hoot.

Download one or two a day, whack them in your MP3 player and enjpy your transit time. You can find it and a bunch of other stuff at Podio Books.

Prefer a Dead Treee book? You can download Rudy Rucker’s Postsingular. 21st Century Cyberpunk? Psipunk? Who knows what to call it, all I know is that this is better than the stuff he wrote in his wetware era.

“Postsingular takes on the question of what will happen after the Singularity-what will happen after computers become as smart as humans and nanotechnology takes on the power of magic? A mad scientist decides it might be a good idea to create a giant virtual reality simulation that is running a copy of Earth and of most of the people in it. Fine, but in order to create this simulation, the mad scientist plans to grind our planet into a zillion supercomputing nanomachines called nants.” And we are away.

Rucker can be a frustrating read but this is him at the top of his game.

Jools spotted the drummer in this YouTube clip and feels he has been sadly miscast in this band.

More importantly is the question “What the hell was she looking for to find this”?

This is pretty, clever and I want it. Here is all the cool justification.

“Y5 _ framework 5*5*5 refers to informatics’ modular workspace, called a framework. Here, Y5 ‘s “frames” constitute the framework, a space built up by five modules of 2*2m, divided in 5*5 squared elements, establishing a matrix of 5*5*5 = 125 modules. At the one side diffusing the light (white) and at the other side absorbing the light ( black ), the modules constitute a binary language (0,1) and a space of 125 pixels, allowing to transcribe captured data from the physical environment in a kinetic and luminous play _ in between opening and closing, in between transparency and reflection, in between light and dark.”

Essentially it’s a bunch of LEDS, servo motors and control circuits.
Down at the bottom of the page is a video of it in action. Forget the hype it’s just fab eye candy.

Bruce Sterling has an article in the March Metropolis Magazine entitled “Revenge of the Slow”.

“Slow Food began as a jolly clique of leftist academics, entertainers, wine snobs, and pop stars, all friends of Italian journalist and radio personality Carlo Petrini. Their galvanizing moment, which occurred in 1986, was an anti-McDonald’s demonstration at which Petrini and his dining buddies brandished pasta pans while folk-dancing in the streets of Rome. This prescient intervention predated Jose Bove’s violent wrecking of a French McDonald’s by some
13 years. While the anti-WTO crowd was politically harassing corporate globalizers, Slow Food was methodically building constructive alternatives. Today, Slow Food is well-nigh as “global” as McDonald’s but networked rather than hierarchical. Year by methodical year the Slow Food network has stuck its fingers into a host of pies.”

This is a thought provoking article about the Slow Food movement, a massive, moneyed global phenomenon that aims to fight globalization by creating cachet for items that can’t be scaled up to global prominence.

I am not really a fan of Flash websites (just the games folks) but this one is awesome. It takes a few seconds to kick in, trust me it’s worth the wait. This is the silliest thing I have seen for ages.

Duggup has been fun (yes I still managed to meet the daily publishing
deadlines) Jools posted “Early Music Consort of London” who are absolutely brilliant, we are hosting a few of their pieces. I finally reviewed Ian Bland’s “Drifter” (yep that’s Ian of MFI infamy” and it was a bit of an alternative rock week. Head over and check it out.

Flash Game Time: I actually had a lot of fun with this one, it was a metaphor for my last fortnight. One step forward two steps back and the occasional illusion of progress. Blame Jools.

“This is similar to an earlier game I sent as an Impedimentia. Good way to kill a few hours.

Open Doors Created by: soapaintnice

Simply move the square to the X. Moving through lots of doors along the way.

To Move the Square use the Arrow Keys, The R Key Resets, The Q Key Changes Quality, The S Key Toggles Sound

Love, Jools”

I actually got a reasonable score.

Well that’s enough for this week. Have a good one.


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