My Friend Ian, A Pub and a Zoom H4

It’s been a while since we have taken the Zoom H4 on an outing but last Sunday found us at the Lomond Hotel in East Brunswick (Jools and I used to live across the road from it a long time ago). My Friend Ian (hereinafter MFI) had a gig with his band, the Lamington Drive… Read more »

Mad Violet, The Front Row, Foldback Wedges and a Zoom H4

About a year ago I wrote a quick review over at duggup of Mad Violet, a killer duo from Canada. So I was absolutely chuffed when I got a note from Harmony Row @ Albert Park announcing that Mad Violet and Kristina Olsen were going to be playing there. A quick call secured tickets and… Read more »

My Friend Ian, A Party and a Zoom H4

Last weekend Jools and I went to the 30th “Festival Of The Sun”, a party held annually by Rob and Doreen. My Friend Ian (yes that’s My Friend Ian of MFI fame) played as usual with his band as he has since the first party. But unusually he also did a couple of acoustic tracks.… Read more »

Ross Ryan and a Zoom H4 at Capers

The things you can do with your toys eh? Back in July, I wrote a review of my Zoom H4’s first outing which also featured Ross Ryan entitled “Ross Ryan/Spectrum/MFI and A Zoom H4”. Well last Saturday night it was just Ross and friends (Ken Stephenson and Roy Zedras) at local venue Capers and it… Read more »

Ross Ryan, Spectrum, MFI and a Zoom H4

Now as some of you are aware I am a toy junkie, and for some months I had been reading about the Zoom H4 and it’s brethren (actually I was lusting after the Sony PCM1 back in 2005). You can read the O’Reilly Review of the Zoom H4 Handy Recorder by Mark Nelson or just… Read more »

Remix the Ring

OK folks is make your own music time again. Remember the hard drive music competition? (Refresh your memory here and here) Well this time we aren’t messing around with mechanical noises, no sirree bob. This time we have real music. Wagner… it doesn’t get much real than that. (You know the stuff that Inspector Morse… Read more »