Brunswick Music Festival: Lunny & Irvine

The Brunswick Music Festival sent me one of their “keeping in touch: emails the other day which was good because it prompted me to jot some notes down about the concert we went to back in March ( Hey, I’ve been busy). Here is a belated review. The Date: Thursday 30th March The Place: Mechanics… Read more »

Streaming Suitcase

Adam Hyde has been described as a “tactical media artist” Adam was born in New Zealand and is permanently transient. He is a consultant, developer and artist working at the convergence of broadcasting and Internet technologies. And why does he get a mention here? He writes manuals. He writes the kind of manuals you can… Read more »

The Free iPod Book 2.0

It’s just like a real book, full of glossy ads of things you will really really want and cant afford, but at the price (Free) how can you go wrong. Besides The Free iPod Book 2.0 by is full of really useful info about iPod’s. I should declare here that I don’t own one.… Read more »

More on Orchestration

This is a follow up post on orchestration ( I touched on this a few weeks back). Garritan who make a rather spiffy line of orchestral samples have announced a FREE Interactive Edition of “Principles of Orchestration” based upon Nicolay Rimsky-Korsakov’s celebrated text. In this Interactive Edition you will be able to simultaneously hear and… Read more »

Philharmonia Orchestra

In any discussion about digital technology and music, you seem to end up with the and people are often skeptical: doesn’t technology get in the way of making music? But lets face it, technology and music have always been interdependent, without technology none of those spiffy instruments would exist. The violin, and the piano and… Read more »

Neil’s Garage

OK Everyone who DOESN’T like Neil Young. Move along there’s nothing for you here today. Sorry. For the rest of you, I would suggest dashing over to Neil’s Garage and listening to “Living With War” (jolly little title what?). Yep All of it. I think that it’s a fairly safe bet to say that Neil… Read more »