Get free stuff for Web design

If you are a Web designer with large budget to back your project, you can call up whatever resources you require to get the gig done. Professional photographers and models to create great looking images? Book ’em. HTML and CSS experts to creating great looking layouts. No Problems? Professional copy writers to write the “Great… Read more »


Following the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on Boxing Day in 2004, the open source community of Sri Lanka got together to develop a disaster management system in three weeks, spearheaded by the Lanka Software Foundation, a FOSS R&D non-profit organization in Sri Lanka, with contributions from about 80 volunteer developers. Sahana is the resulting… Read more »

GParted live CD

GEEK ALERT: Linux zealotry time. Need a way to resize NTFS partitions, mirror disk images, or otherwise muck about with disk partitions and cant afford or don’t want to use a proprietary package like Partition Magic (good product, serious price)? Answer yes to any of the above? If so, have we got a tool for… Read more »

Ten tips for new Ubuntu users

Time for some Ubuntu zealotry… As regular readers will be aware I think that Ubuntu is the easiest ways for people to join the ranks of Linux users. On the up side it’s easy to install (and getting easier) , easy to use, and usually “just works.” (Fujitsu laptop screens notwithstanding). But moving to a… Read more »

Streaming Suitcase

Adam Hyde has been described as a “tactical media artist” Adam was born in New Zealand and is permanently transient. He is a consultant, developer and artist working at the convergence of broadcasting and Internet technologies. And why does he get a mention here? He writes manuals. He writes the kind of manuals you can… Read more »

Firefox – DisableBackspaceNavigation

Today’s post combines Firefox zealotry and helping Jools (win – win ). Firefox users out there who write stuff in text input boxes (bloggers) will have on occasion flipped over to another screen to check something (spelling? address? name of the band) and then flipped back to the screen where the last hour of entry… Read more »