HFS – Http File Server

Geek Alert: Technical post ahead. Talk about dichotomies, HFS is either a nifty little tool or a a potential nightmare. Allow me to illustrate. Imagine this you are at a site and the “network nazis” have it all locked up, no cd burner, so that without a password you can’t access the shared files on… Read more »

More Firefox Bits

A little firefox zealotry. Autocopy You select text and it is automatically copied to the clipboard. No tiresome Ctrl-C, no right click, very simple and very elegant. It basically bypasses the Ctrl-C involved copying snippets of text to the clipboard. It also has another trick “Paste on middle click” which makes Ctrl-V unnecessary. If like… Read more »

Dapper Drake Arrives (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS)

The much-anticipated (by my laptop at the very least) Ubuntu 6.06 LTS has officially been released. Ready for enterprise deployment, the 6.06 release is the first to feature the availability of long-term support on both servers and desktop computers. Ubuntu is a multi award winning Linux distribution with it’s main emphasis on being usable. It’s… Read more »

Bookmark Duplicate Detector

More Firefox Add in Goodness. OK. Hands up everyone who has said the magic words ” I wonder if I already bookmarked this?” Just about everyone. (I know Ihave over 500 of the damn things and find that I only really use about 30 or so regularly) Well there is a really neat Firefox extension… Read more »

Bridging Office and OpenOffice

A friend of mine has decided to start writing again after a long hiatus. So in preparation for being a “starving” writer I decided to wean him off the Micro$oft habit (he can no longer afford it) and start him off down the road towards “Free Software” and choice. My idea (as an opening bid)… Read more »

I want a Freeware Utility that will do

Over at eConsultant there is an awesome list of freeware utilities categorised by their function. You can find it at the appropriatly titled I want a Freeware Utility to … There are hundreds of suggestions here in a plain easy to read layout. No ratings, no comments just a suprise everytime. And when you have… Read more »