Jools bought me an iPad

Once again the annual “Thatch is ignoring his birthday” rolled around like clockwork (damn you Isaac Newton), but this year Jools had plans (insert scary music here), big plans. Jools had decided that I didn’t have enough toys (seriously. Isn’t she wonderful.) and that what I needed was an iPad 2. Now the truth be… Read more »

EasyDNS is a very cool service

EasyDNS offers a real-time DNS (domain name system), which allows a Web site to switch from one IP address to another within minutes. Without a service like this, a new server may not be findable by visitors for 24 to 48 hours while its IP address “propagates” gradually around the Internet. For about $20 per… Read more »

Test from the iPhone

I just found the WordPress app for the iPhone. I get to type a post in one character at a time. Seriously boring. I have been playing with Twitter a lot in the last few months Twitter/thatchspace. Finger is getting tired I’m bored  

Firefox Zealotry: An assortment

We haven’t done Firefox zealotry for a while. Lets start with getting rid of the download window by using the Download Statusbar by Devon Jensen The Download Statusbar Firefox extension gives you a small visual representation of your downloads at the bottom of your browser window, forgoing Firefox’s (occasionally annoying) default download window. It gives… Read more »

PDF Readers-Their Care and Feeding

Have you noticed that there is a weird relationship between the Adobe PDF Reader version number and the amount of minutes that it takes to load? Coincidence? Well actually it probably is. But if you are bored to death waiting for the bloody thing to load, you may wish to consider some of the following… Read more »