Bye Bye Balloons

OK. Hands up everyone who hates the little ballon things down in the system tray? Thought so, everyone. Well over at Techie Corner is a fabulous little post entitled How to disable balloon notification in Windows XP – T Here is the hype.. Sometimes notification are good to remind you if you forget something,if the… Read more »

Is your PC slowing down?

So you use Windows (statistically 80% of you do) and like all Windows PC it’s getting slower. Now the really fun question is WHY? Well over at TPCSv8 there is a thorough investigation of what the most likely culprits stealing your precious performance are. It’s entitled What Slows Windows Down? Here is a bit of… Read more »

eBooks for your PDA

OK lets get the luddite thing out of the way first up. I like books. Yep, always have and always will. Herr Gutenberg was onto one of the all time great little ideas when he invented movable type. But (and you knew there would be a but) they can be a pain. They are heavy… Read more »

Rename and Shrink Photos in Bulk

A week or two back a client handed me 600+ photos that they needed placed on their website (don’t ask), and after a conversation which involved them basically venting about how bloody hard it was to manage that many photos and get the naming and sizing right, I endeared myself by telling them this first… Read more »


Every year in the States there is a four day conference held in the States called TED ( technology – entertainment – design). It’s Go to this link and it will explain the rationale behind TED far far better than I can. But the really cool thing is that they are posting 15 minute plus… Read more »

Websites that changed the world

The Observer has a list of Websites that changed the world, I must admit that I am not really surprised to find Thatchspace there but some of the choices seem odd. A lot of the usual suspects were there, Yahoo, Google, ebay, Amazon, slashdot and at number 11 was, a site that I read… Read more »