Firefox Session Manager

Firefox Zealotry Time… Yes again. How many times have you shutdown Firefox and then thought “Bugger I actually needed that screen… oh well I can get it from the history”. The problem being that you never do until whoever was chasing you for the info starts yelling. So what you need is a way for… Read more »

I sent you WHAT???

A friend of mine has had one of those embarrassing little gotchas… he used a “public” computer and either didn’t log off from his yahoo account or the machine just remembered ALL the passwords it ever has had typed into it. Either way, an email was sent from his account and even though the content… Read more »

BoxCloud – Really Really Simple File Sharing

Back in early March I had a look at the whole emailin bloody big files thing, see Send Large Files Easily. Since then it’s all gotten a lot trickier. Eventually you are going to find that sometimes email isn’t enough. For instance, what are you going to do with that 50 meg photo that you… Read more »

Tech CheatSheets and Reference Guides

Don’t know about you, but if you can’t find the manual to look up Appendix C (have you ever noticed how nearly everytime you need tech info, it’s in Appendix C) a cheat sheet is the next best thing. Over at Tech Cheat Sheets is a collection of the best cheat sheets and quick reference… Read more »

Web Developer Extension

(Even More) FireFox Goodness. There I was last Friday, explaining to a client about how a quick hack I wrote for their website worked and using the Web Developer Extension to show them how the CSS worked and what the bits were called, when I realised that I have only ever mentioned this extension in… Read more »