SimpleOCR Freeware

Ever been here? You borrow a scanner and remember to grab the driver disk (clever you) and head for the library for an afternoon of plagiarism research. So there you are sitting in a library with your laptop and it’s time to rock and roll and about now you discover that there is no character… Read more »

Software KVM Switches

I have a bunch of computers scattered around my workspace. One for the business stuff, one for recording, and the test bed (Ubuntu today, WIndows tomorrow, Centos last week). When the current one is busy out with rendering stats from the servers, burning backup DVDs or finding messages from the gods in pi, then I… Read more »

Quick Server Client

QSClient is a system-independent client application to access over 25 internet-services and as far as a can see a bloody godsend. It´s currently available for windows and unix systems and fits perfectly into the desktop or shell environment. The main reason QSClient was written is the fact that there is no real standard to start… Read more »

Guide to Useless Services

Don’t you love really helpful statements that you find in “tweaking” guides like TURN OFF UNNECCESARY SEVICES Yep, sure, no problem. WHICH ONES DONT WE NEED? Here are two really good articles that will help you figure it out. First up, we have India’s Guide to Useless Services (Windows XP SP2) Here is a… Read more »

Get free stuff for Web design

If you are a Web designer with large budget to back your project, you can call up whatever resources you require to get the gig done. Professional photographers and models to create great looking images? Book ’em. HTML and CSS experts to creating great looking layouts. No Problems? Professional copy writers to write the “Great… Read more »


Following the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia on Boxing Day in 2004, the open source community of Sri Lanka got together to develop a disaster management system in three weeks, spearheaded by the Lanka Software Foundation, a FOSS R&D non-profit organization in Sri Lanka, with contributions from about 80 volunteer developers. Sahana is the resulting… Read more »