Creating a PHP-Based Content Management System

*Creating a PHP-Based Content Management System*

For six months back in 2004, Intranet Journal’s Peter Zeidman published a tutorial on using the PHP programming language to build a content management system (CMS).

If you have the time and expertise to write your own system, or want to gain that expertise it may well prove to be a lot more fun option.Writing your own CMS can get you a solution that is custom fitted to your requirements and really addresses the needs of your user.

Part 1 of the series begins with a look at the overall plan for the CMS, and a look at PHP and the concept of object-oriented programming.

Part 2 takes a look at the basic PHP code that will power the CMS.

Part 3 examines the creation of the database and the database connector.

Part 4 explores validation, and the creation of a validator class and the creation of sections for the content that needs to be managed.

Part 5 introduces security to the content management system, and shows how to create a system that is accessible only to those with authorization to access it. It also takes a look at creating a log-in for users.

Part 6 discusses layouts for the content, templating systems, and talks about possible add-ons and features that can enhance your PHP-based content management system.

If you are using Peter’s tutorial and have questions about problems you are having, take a look at the Intranet Journal Discussion Forum. Many readers have taken the time to post questions and troubleshoot, so your answer may already be there.

We mentioned how to get a Apache/MySQL/PHP setup to run on your windows box here Apache Friends – Xampp.

Whats really amazing is that the CMS code listed inn the articles above kept going and mutated into OtterCMS a full on CMS with an active support forum and some fairly dedicated people.

Worth a look to get you started. Thanks to Sitepoint for pointing this one out.


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