Firefox Zealotry: An assortment

We haven’t done Firefox zealotry for a while. Lets start with getting rid of the download window by using the Download Statusbar by Devon Jensen The Download Statusbar Firefox extension gives you a small visual representation of your downloads at the bottom of your browser window, forgoing Firefox’s (occasionally annoying) default download window. It gives… Read more »

Password Exporter

Oh Dear… More Firefox zealotry. Following up on I sent you WHAT!!, today lets look at the reverse, How do you move your passwords, to a different PC. The answer (assuming you are using Firefox… and of course you all are) is a Firefox extension called Password Exporter. This nifty little extension allows you to… Read more »

Web Developer Extension

(Even More) FireFox Goodness. There I was last Friday, explaining to a client about how a quick hack I wrote for their website worked and using the Web Developer Extension to show them how the CSS worked and what the bits were called, when I realised that I have only ever mentioned this extension in… Read more »

Ubuntu LAMP Server

More Ubuntu Goodness. Over at Howto Forge Chris L Fay has wriiten a liller post on LAMP Installation On Ubuntu 6.06 For Linux Noobs. Not exactly up there with say “War and Peace” as a title but bear with me it gets better. Oh! The LAMP doesn’t refer to the light bulb thing that goes… Read more »

Software KVM Switches

I have a bunch of computers scattered around my workspace. One for the business stuff, one for recording, and the test bed (Ubuntu today, WIndows tomorrow, Centos last week). When the current one is busy out with rendering stats from the servers, burning backup DVDs or finding messages from the gods in pi, then I… Read more »